Quiz: Are You California Enough To Answer All These CA History Questions?

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Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast...

If you are a native of California or perhaps you've lived in California for years, then you should be able to ace this quiz!

 Dec 16, 2018

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What is the capital of California?
Los Angeles

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Which of the following is not a freeway in California?

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What is California's stat flower?
Golden poppies

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Which of the following is not on California's state flag?
Green stripe

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California is America's third largest state.

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What is California's motto?
Esto perpetua
Liberty and independence

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_____ is known as the Avocado Capital of the World.

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Which politician was only mayor of Fresno for only 10 minutes?
John Cavanaugh
Carlos Madrigal
Joseph Spinney

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Who was the first actress to receive a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
Katharine Hepburn
Lucille Ball
Joanne Woodward

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California has the largest economy in the states of the union.

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What is the official state tree?

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Which city claims to be the raisin capital of the world?

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California joined the U.S from the signing of which treaty?
Guadalupe Hidalgo

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What kind of bear is on California's state flag?

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Who designed the flag?
Mary Lincoln
William Todd
Shawn Murphy

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What is the highest point in California?
Mt. Wilson
Mt. Whitney
Mt. San Jacinto

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What is the lowest point of California?
San Fernando valley
Death valley
Coachella valley

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Which county has no high school, bank, ATM, dentist or traffic lights?
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