Quiz: Only Someone Who's Seen Breakfast Club 100x Will Score 100% On This

1985, ally sheedy, emilio estevez, the breakfast club, movies
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"We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all."

If the 'Breakfast Club' is your favorite 80s film of all time, then you must put your knowledge to the test with this quiz!

 Sep 08, 2018
1 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Allison is in detention because:
She cheated on her final exams
She was caught smoking in class
She was bored
2 of 18Choose Your Answer:
The group is given an assignment to complete by the end of the day, what is it?
Clean the cafeteria
Pick up trash around the school
Write a 1,000-word essay
3 of 18Name This Character:
the breakfast club, movies/tv
Andrew Clarke
Brian Johnson
John Bender
4 of 18Finish The Quote:
"Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get _______."
Another week of detention
An ass whoopin'
The horns
5 of 18Name This Character:
1985, ally sheedy, the breakfast club, movies
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Claire Standish
Mary Johnson
Allison Reynolds
6 of 18Choose Your Answer:
When Bender spilled a can of paint in the garage, what did his dad do?
Burned him with his cigar
Helped him clean it up
Kicked him
7 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What is Brian's nickname?
Big Brained Brian
Brian the Brain
Brainy Brian
8 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Which of these words is NOT used in Brian's essay to describe the five?
Basket Case
9 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Claire and Andrew decide to date at the end of the movie. True or False?
10 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Why is Claire in detention?
She skipped school to go shopping
She violated the dress code
She was copying answers on a test
11 of 18Name This Character:
breakfast club, smart, school, nerd
John Bender
Andrew Clarke
Brian Johnson
12 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Andrew is a champion _____.
Football player
13 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What is Brian's mother's license plate?
14 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What does Claire say when she gets high?
'I hate my life'
'I am a princess'
'I am sooo popular'
15 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Complete Brian's line: "Who are you? Who are you? I'm a _____."
16 of 18Choose Your Answer:
What does Claire bring for lunch?
Celery and peanut butter
Captain Crunch
17 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Brian has a fake ID so he can:
Buy alcohol
Get into bars
18 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Bender tells the group that he got a pack of ________ for Christmas last year.
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