Are You Country Enough To Answer These 21 Southern Questions?


No Yankees Allowed.

If you're a true Southern native, then this quiz should be easy peasy lemon squeezy. Test your knowledge with the lingo, the food, and the culture!

 Apr 21, 2018
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If someone's eyeballs are floating, they must be:
Waiting patiently
In need of the restroom
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What does it mean if you got the short end of the stick?
You got lucky
You got scared
You got cheated
3 of 20What is this dish?
food & drinks
Ambrosia salad
Fruit salad
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Which of the following is not one of the Southern states?
North Carolina
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What are britches?
Egg beaters
People with attitude
6 of 20Pick your answer!
What is a buggy?
A typewriter
A shopping cart
An old car
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Three sheets to the wind is an expression used for:
Someone who is very drunk
Someone who is furious
Someone who is starving
8 of 20Pick your answer!
If your aunt is asking for some sugar, what is she really asking for?
A kiss
9 of 20What would you call this:
10 of 20Pick your answer!
Which of the following expressions is used to ask someone to be patient?
"Hold your horses"
"Bless your heart"
"Be able to see to Christmas"
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Which of the following expressions means extreme exhaustion?
"Rode hard and put away wet"
"Off like a herd of turtles"
"Wetter than a hen"
12 of 20Pick your answer!
What do southerners typically drink with their supper?
A glass of sweet tea
A ginger beer
An Arnold Palmer
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Which of the following is NOT commonly served in the South?
Tater Tot Hot Dish
Collard greens
14 of 20Pick your answer!
Which of the following is not an SEC school?
Alabama State University
Texas A&M
University of Florida
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When it comes to receiving gifts, only one rule applies:
You must send a thank you note
You must send six spoons
You must send a plate
16 of 20Pick your answer!
What are you most likely drinking at the Derby?
A margarita
A mint julep
A Moscow Mule
17 of 20Name this dish!
food & drinks, banana pudding
Banana Creamsicle
Bananas Foster
Banana Pudding
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Where do manatees live?
On a farm
In the river
In the forest
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Where is the birthplace of jazz and blues music?
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"To Kill a Mockingbird" is a novel about which Southern state?
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