Aptitude Test: Would You Make A Good Nurse?

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Nursing is a work of art!

Do you have what it takes to a nurse? Take this quiz, and find out! Nursing Aptitude Test. Med school test, MCAT practice quiz.

 Jan 31, 2018

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What is considered a normal heart rate?
60-100 beats per minute
30-50 beats per minute
110-130 beats per minute

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What does insipid mean?
To be cautious
Tasteless food

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What does fallacious mean?
Based on facts

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What is the most accurate way to measure core temperature?

5 of 16Pick one!

Normal internal body temperature is:
97.1 °F
99.2 °F
98.6 °F

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What does the Glasgow Coma Scale measure?
Heartbeats per minute
Glucose levels
Level of consciousness

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When a nurse is tried under criminal law, the nurse is being brought to trial by:
An organization
An individual
Society as a whole

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All of the following are sources of Vitamin A except for:
Egg yolks
White potatoes

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Which cells deliver oxygen through the body?

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Using Strader's seven-step decision-making process, the nurse needs to first:
Identify the purpose
Enlist cooperation of the client
Set the criteria

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A patient who develops hives after receving an antibiotic is exhibiting drug:

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In Hildegard Peplau's Interpersonal Relations Model, the focus is on which of the following?

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Leukopenia is a decreased number of leukocytes - white blood cells.

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Getting the influenza virus vaccine is also known as getting a flu shot.

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Epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, can be used to treat all of the following except:
High blood sugar
Anaphylactic shock
Cardiac arrest

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What do you call the top layer of the skin?
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