Aptitude Test: Would You Make A Good History Teacher?

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Do you have the patience and meticulous attention to detail to teach history?

Teaching history is not an easy feat. To be successful, one must have a meticulous attention to detail and a great deal of patience.

 Feb 03, 2018
1 of 17Pick one!
During the American Revolution, what were the British known as?
Red Coats
The Queens Babies
Tea Sippers
2 of 17Pick one!
Cleopatra was born in what country?
3 of 17Pick one!
Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of what country?
United Kingdom
4 of 17Pick one!
The ________ took place in Cuba.
Emancipation Proclamation
Bay of Pigs
The fall of the Berlin Wall
5 of 17Pick one!
What countries made up the Axis powers in WWII?
Germany, Japan, Italy
USA, Canada, UK
Switzerland, Norway, Belgium
6 of 17Pick one!
Who was the First Lady during Ronald Reagan's presidency?
Nancy Reagan
Nanette Reagan
Betty Ford
7 of 17Pick one!
How many American colonies were there originally?
8 of 17Pick one!
The Sons of Liberty dumped 342 chests of _____ into the harbor.
9 of 17Pick one!
Benjamin Franklin was the 5th President of the United States.
10 of 17Pick one!
John F. Kennedy was assassinated in ________.
Washington, D.C.
11 of 17Pick one!
The Magna Carta was published by the King of which country?
12 of 17Pick one!
_____ ravaged and killed a third of Europe's population in the 14th century.
The Bubonic Plague
The White Death
Mad Cow Disease
13 of 17Pick one!
The ________ transferred mail between Missouri and California on horseback.
Silk Road
Pony Express
Underground Railroad
14 of 17Pick one!
Who wrote The Odyssey & The Iliad?
15 of 17Pick one!
Which theater were Shakespeare's plays performed in?
Kings Theatre
Ford's Theater
The Globe Theater
16 of 17Pick one!
Czechoslovakia is now known as what?
Czech Czecha
Czech Republic
17 of 17Pick one!
What is the oldest University in the USA?
The University of Southern California
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