Aptitude Test: Could You Be A Doctor?


Should you have gotten to med school instead? Take this quiz and find out!

Have you ever found yourself watching a medical television series and asked yourself, , "Should I have gone to medical school?"

 Mar 17, 2018

1 of 15Pick one!

Which of the following statements best describe you when it comes to failure?
When I fail, it's probably because it wasn't meant for me.
When I fail, i try a different approach.
When I fail, I start over again.

2 of 15Pick one!

Which of the following traits would your peers use to describe you?

3 of 15Pick one!

When did you first pull an all-nighter?
High school

4 of 15Pick one!

Which of the following subjects did you consistently excel in throughout high school?

5 of 15True or False:

You always plan ahead of time.
Somewhat true
Mostly true
Rarely true

6 of 15Pick one!

You squirm at the sight of:
A dead body

7 of 15Pick one!

How many bones are there in the human body?

8 of 15Pick one!

Bones stop growing at the age of:

9 of 15Pick one!

If someone is experiencing an Angina, they are having a:
Chest pain
Back pain

10 of 15Pick one!

Which of the following traits do you need to work on:
Your emotional involvement with others
Your indecisiveness
Your ability to stay calm

11 of 15Pick one!

You work best in:
Working by yourself

12 of 15Pick one!

Are you:

13 of 15Pick one!

in critical situations, you often follow your:
What most people do

14 of 15Pick one!

Hypotension means someone has:
Low blood pressure
An allergic reaction
High glycemic index

15 of 15Pick one!

Aside from Science and Health, you exceled in
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Have you ever found yourself watching a medical television series and asked yourself, "Should I have gone to medical school?" If so, then you definitely need to take this quiz. The results could be the answers you've been dying to know!

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