Quiz: Only TRUE Private Practice Fans Can Ace This Ultimate Quiz. Can You?


“You're not even a day old and you have me wrapped around your finger.” -Cooper Freedman

This trivia quiz will test your knowledge on how well you remember the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off medical drama, Private Practice.

 Jul 11, 2021

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What is Cooper Freedman’s specialty?

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Who cut Violet’s baby from her womb?
Katie Kent
Pete Wilder
Dell Parker

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Where does Private Practice take place?
Tampa, Florida
Los Angeles, California
Boston, Massachusetts

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Who did Naomi marry in the series finale?
Archer Montgomery
Gabriel Fife
Sam Bennet

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Who did Naomi have a brief relationship with?
Pete Wilder
Archer Montgomery
Dell Parker

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What is Sam Bennett's nickname?
Dr. Feelgood
Dr. Good Time

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Which doctor used “canyouhandleme441” as their internet dating name?
Dell Parker
Addison Montgomery
Charlotte King

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Who does Addison Montgomery marry on Private Practice?
Sam Bennett
Cooper Freedman
Jake Reilly

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How did Pete Wilder die?
Heart attack
Car crash

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What type of disorder does Corinne Bennett (Sam’s sister) have?
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Bipolar Disorder

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What type of cancer does Sheldon Wallace get?
Prostate cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Liver cancer

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Who does Addison live next to?
Sam Bennett
Charlotte King
Naomi Bennett

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What is Sam and Naomi’s daughter’s name?
Marie Bennett
Mary Bennett
Maya Bennett

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What did Derek Shepherd remove from Archer Montgomery’s brain?
An arrow
A bullet

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What is the name of Addison's adopted son?

16 of 17Pick your answer!

Which doctor suffers from asthma?
Pete Wilder
Charlotte King
Sam Bennett

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What is Dell Parker’s daughter’s name?
Bonnie Parker
Berkley Parker
Betsy Parker
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