Quiz: How Well Do You Know Meredith & Richard's Friendship On Grey's?

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We love this friendship! ❤️

This quiz will test you on how well you remember Meredith and Richard's friendship from the show Grey's Anatomy.

 Feb 22, 2021

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How old was Meredith when she met Richard for the first time?
15 Years Old
10 Years Old
3 Years Old

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Who is Richard's healthcare proxy?

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Why wasn’t Richard upset when Meredith tampered with the Alzheimer’s trial?
She didn’t tamper with the trial
She was trying to help Adele
She apologized to him and Derek

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Why did Richard give Meredith a second chance to take her intern exam?
George asked him to
He didn’t want her to quit the program
He felt sorry for her

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During Season 6, why did Richard decide to personally mentor Meredith?
He felt she needed more time in the skills lab
He wanted Meredith to keep his secret (that he was drinking again)
Dr. Bailey told him to mentor Meredith

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Why did Richard tell Meredith about Derek’s engagement ring?
He wanted her to convince Derek to come back to work
He was jealous of her relationship with Derek
He was excited she found true love

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What did Richard and Meredith do with Ellis’ ashes?
They buried the urn in Meredith’s back yard
They sprinkled them into Lake Washington
They poured them down the drain of an operating room sink

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In Season 13, why did Dr. Bailey suspend Meredith?
Meredith was constantly late to work
They clashed over Bailey's decision to replace Richard with Minnick
Meredith committed insurance fraud

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What song did Richard sing to Meredith after she was beaten by a patient?
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
You are my Sunshine
My Girl

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What did Richard say to Meredith on her first day of work?
Find Dr. Yang and help me with this patient
How’s your mom doing? I haven’t heard from her in years
You’re the spitting image of your mother. Welcome to the game

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What did Meredith say to Richard and Catherine before they got married?
It’s ridiculous the way you two scream at each other
It’s going to end in divorce, don’t bother
Life is too short to not be happy and together

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Who told Meredith that Richard was an alcoholic?

13 of 17Pick your answer!

When did Ellis and Richard begin their affair?
After Ellis divorced Thatcher
During their residency
Before Richard met Adele

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Why did Richard say he made a mistake making Meredith his medical proxy?
She couldn’t handle it because she was tired all the time
He thought she was too weak and sentimental
She didn’t have time because she was a new mother

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What did Meredith say to Gary Clark about Richard?
Shoot me, Richard Webber won’t care
Richard Webber did not kill your wife
I'm the closest thing he has to a daughter

16 of 17Pick your answer!

When Richard comes to Meredith and Derek’s home for Christmas, what song does he sing?
Let it Snow
Silent Night
Baby It's Cold Outside

17 of 17Pick your answer!

Who pages Meredith from the Emerald City Bar because Richard is drunk?
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