Quiz: Do You Remember All These Forgotten Details From Grey's Season 2?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Addison, Denny and Finn! Oh My!

How much do you remember from Grey's Anatomy season 2? This quiz will test you on trivia from the early Grey's! Throwback!

 Feb 18, 2021

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Who was the first person to find out Cristina was pregnant?

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Who said, “I’m pregnant you blind moron!”

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Who said, “Sensitivity, I like that in a stranger.”

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What two patients were impaled by the same pole?
Bonnie and Denny
Bonnie and Tom
Bonnie and Danny

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What was Addison doing when she got poison oak?
Taking Doc for a walk
Camping with Mark
Picking strawberries in her garden

6 of 17Pick your answer!

Who said, “Cujo Has to GO!”

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How many seconds were between Denny and the other person at the top of the transplant list?
17 seconds
19 seconds
18 seconds

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Who said, “And you three - brush up on how not to embarrass me in front of the attendings or I'll see to it that your hearts stop beating. You clear?”
Dr. Shepherd
Dr. Bailey
Dr. Burke

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Dr. Milton tells Hannah Davies that people who are killed by bombs are called what?
White Mist
Pink Mist
Blue Mist

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Who was the first person to find out Burke had been shot?

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George got syphilis from Olivia. Who did Olivia get syphilis from?

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What did Miranda and Tucker name their son?
William George Bailey Jones
George Bailey Tuck Jones
William George Tucker Jones

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What song was playing when Derek and Meredith hooked up at the prom?
How to Save a Life
The Story

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Who performed Denny Duquette’s heart transplant surgery?
Dr. Burke
Dr. Webber
Dr. Hahn

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What was the O’Malley family’s tradition on Thanksgiving?
To go turkey hunting
To visit the Seattle Space Needle
To cook Thanksgiving dinner together

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Of the three female interns, who loved Christmas the most?

17 of 17Pick your answer!

What nickname did the interns give to Finn Dandridge?
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