Grey's Fans: Think You Can Ace This "All About Izzie" Trivia Quiz?

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Are you an Izzie Stevens fan? Let’s find out!

This trivia quiz will test you on how well you remember the beautiful Attending Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Isobel (Izzie) Stevens.

 Apr 18, 2021

1 of 17Pick your answer!

Where did Izzie grow up?
In a condominium
In a trailer park
In an apartment complex

2 of 17Pick your answer!

What did Izzie’s mom call her?
June Bug

3 of 17Pick your answer!

Izzie paid for medical school by _______.
Taking out student loans

4 of 17Pick your answer!

How much money did Denny Duquette leave Izzie?
1.5 million
8.7 million
1.0 million

5 of 17Pick your answer!

What was Izzie’s model name?
Bethany Whisper
Bethany Stevens
Izzie Whisper

6 of 17Pick your answer!

What did Izzie do with the majority of the money Denny left her?
She purchased a house
She donated it to hospital to fund the Denny Duquette Clinic
She used it to pay off her debt

7 of 17Pick your answer!

Who helped Izzie cook Thanksgiving dinner?
Meredith Grey
Preston Burke
Cristina Yang

8 of 17Pick your answer!

Who did not hook up with Izzie?
George O’Malley
Mark Sloan
Alex Karev

9 of 17Pick your answer!

Who was Izzie’s “Maid of Honor” in her wedding to Alex Karev?
Meredith Grey
Miranda Bailey
Cristina Yang

10 of 17Pick your answer!

What are the names of Izzie’s twins?
Aaron and Amber
Carina and Andrew
Eli and Alexis

11 of 17Pick your answer!

What animal did Izzie bring back to life?
A deer
A cow
A dog

12 of 17Pick your answer!

Who was the professional hockey player Izzie dated in season 1?

13 of 17Pick your answer!

What did Izzie knit for Denny?
A sweater
A hat

14 of 17Pick your answer!

What’s Izzie’s favorite holiday?

15 of 17Pick your answer!

What does Izzie do at funerals?

16 of 17Pick your answer!

What did Izzie donate to her daughter, Hannah?
A kidney
Bone marrow

17 of 17Pick your answer!

Who did Izzie first tell about her cancer?
Cristina Yang
Alex Karev
Meredith Grey
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