The Hardest Sound Of Music Quiz That Not Even Maria Von Trapp Could Pass

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Take this trivia quiz and see how well you know Rogers and Hammerstein's "The Sound Of Music" starring, Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer!

 Mar 18, 2019

1 of 21Choose Your Answer:

What happens to the Family von Trapp at the end?
They escape across the Alps on foot to Switzerland, singing
The family is forced onto a naval base in Hamburg
Georg commands a U-Boat and the family hides in the Abbey

2 of 21Choose Your Answer:

How do two nuns help while the family is hiding in the Abbey?
They lie to the Nazis and tell them they are flying to America
They lie to Rolf and tell him they are hiding in the catacombs
They disabled the distributor and coils of the Nazis’ cars

3 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Who gives the alarm to the Nazis that the Trapps are hiding in the Abbey?
A Nazi sympathizer, pretending to be a nun at the Abbey
Liesl’s former boyfriend Rolf, who is now a serious Nazi
Little Gretl, who asks too loudly how far it is to Switzerland

4 of 21Choose Your Answer:

After it is announced that the Family von Trapp has won, ___________
they come out for a curtain call and sing an encore
the second-place winners become very angry
they do not come out for the curtain call, raising alarm

5 of 21Choose Your Answer:

During which song does Georg almost break down into tears while singing?
"The Sound of Music"
"So Long, Farewell"

6 of 21Choose Your Answer:

The von Trapps decide to sing at the folk music festival, but __________
they anger the Nazis by refusing the give them the salute
they plan to escape Austria during the curtain call
will only sing patriotic Austrian folk songs

7 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Georg (von Trapp) and Maria marry ___________
in a church in Salzburg with the kids singing “The Sound of Music”
at their lakeside Villa, with a quartet singing “Edelweiss”
in the Cathedral at the Abbey with the nuns singing “Maria”

8 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Capt. von Trapp tells Maria he first fell in love with her when _________
she sat on the pinecone at their first dinner
he saw her comforting the kids during a storm
she insolently blew the whistle at him

9 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Maria returns to the Abbey to retake her vows, but the Abbess says ________
that she can come back into the Abbey, if she takes it seriously
she must face her love for von Trapp and "Climb Ev'ry Mountain"
when God closes one door, he opens a window and to look out

10 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Why is von Trapp valuable to the Germans and how does he cooperate?
He is a famous aristocrat and goes to indoctrination meetings
They want him as a naval Captain but refuses to join the Party
He is rich and influential, displaying the Nazi flag at his villa

11 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Which of these song lyrics go with the kids' puppet show about goats?
"So-do-la-fa-mi-do-re, so do la-ti-do-re-do"
“Lay ee odl, lay ee odl, lay hee hoo”
"Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow"

12 of 21Choose Your Answer:

"When the dog bites, and the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad, I simply ________"
remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad
forget about terrible things, and then I don’t feel so bad
just get into bed and I sing, and then I don’t feel so bad

13 of 21Choose Your Answer:

How does Maria teach the children to sing during a day in the hills?
Just to belt anything out when you are feeling joy
To break it down to the basic notes of "do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti"
She says songs are made of phrases and happy nonsense

14 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Against von Trapp's wishes, Maria makes the kids playclothes out of _________
fabric that housekeeper Frau Schmidt gave her
official Third Reich-issued durable material
the fancy draperies that hang in her bedroom

15 of 21Choose Your Answer:

Which one of these children is NOT a member of the von Trapp family?
“I’m Johanna, I’m 13 years old and your dress is ugly.”
“I’m Liesl, I’m 16 years old and I don’t need a governess.”
“I’m Friedrich, I’m 14, and I’m impossible.”

16 of 21Choose Your Answer:

When Maria meets the seven von Trapp children, she does not like ________
that she is made fun of in a villa for wearing threadbare clothes
that they are spoiled and happily tortured their former governesses
the way their father whistles commands, and that they wear uniforms

17 of 21Choose Your Answer:

What advice does the Reverend Mother give to Fräulein Maria?
To spend time outside the Abbey as a governess for a while
A nun's life does not suit her but she is welcome in church
That she should be a wife and mother and not a nun

18 of 21Choose Your Answer:

What do the nuns decide (and sing) about Fräulein Maria?
“Always late for everything except for every meal.”
“Maria’s not an asset to the Abbey.”
"She's a darling! She's a demon! She's a lamb!"

19 of 21Choose Your Answer:

How does Maria get in trouble at the Nonnberg Abbey?
She can’t manage her mandatory vow of silence
She is singing in the hills and returns late for prayer
She sneaks out of silent prayer and runs into the hills

20 of 21Choose Your Answer:

"The Sound of Music" takes place in ________, in the city of ________, near the ________
Germany, Heidelberg, Rhine River
Austria, Salzburg, Alps
Switzerland, Valais, Matterhorn

21 of 21Choose Your Answer:

"The ________ are alive, with the sound of ________"
hills, music
towns, church bells
birds, singing
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