Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Medieval History?


"The Middle Ages hangs over history's belt like a beer belly. It is too late now for aerobic dancing or cottage cheese lunches to reduce the Middle Ages. History will have to wear size 48 shorts forever." -Tom Robbins

Take this quiz to see how well you know your middle ages history trivia or if you know nothing about the medieval times.

 Mar 11, 2016
1 of 21Choose your answer:
During which part of the Medieval period did Barbarian Goths, Vandals, Vikings and Huns invade Europe from the north and east?
Middle Ages, A.D. 900’s to 1300’s
High or Late Middle Ages, 1300’s to 1492
Dark Ages, A.D. 400's to the 900's
2 of 21Choose your answer:
The Black Death was brought to Europe in the 1300’s by ___________________, and killed half of Europe’s population in _____________ years.
Fleas in carpets from Arabia, ten
Traveling Asian merchants, three
Rats aboard grain ships from Africa, five
3 of 21Choose your answer:
Who had more authority than kings during the Middle Ages?
Carolingian Kings of what is now France
The Catholic Church and Pope
Powerful Dukes governing local duchies
4 of 21Choose your answer:
What was the name of the final death blow that a French Knight in battle would deliver to his opponent?
Le “Coup de la Morte”
Le “Coup de Grace"
Le “Coup de Touché”
5 of 21Choose your answer:
What was another “plague” that swept across Medieval Europe both during and after the Black Death in the 1300’s?
6 of 21Choose your answer:
What were the most abundant and well-funded city structures during the Middle Ages?
Fortress Walls
7 of 21Choose your answer:
Women who were not submissive to their men during the Middle Ages in Europe were often
Considered sinners in the eyes of God
Accepted if the husband was a lord
Considered witches and burned at the stake
8 of 21Choose your answer:
Why did Medieval noblewomen age more rapidly than men, with ailments such as dental problems, sores, tumors and rickets?
Too much childbirth and not enough vitamin C
Too much lead in their white makeup
Men were fed more nutritious food
9 of 21Choose your answer:
What was the gruesome English Medieval torture method (like being burned) that only stopped if the wound healed quickly?
“Trial by Ordeal"
“Trial by Inquisition”
“Trial by Tribulation”
10 of 21Choose your answer:
In Medieval times, who could be put on trial and tortured for harming people?
11 of 21Choose your answer:
During Medieval times, what was considered the most effective medical cure for almost everything?
Animal dung ointments
Mercury tonic
12 of 21Choose your answer:
What was considered high-fashion for rich women during the High Middle Ages and into the Renaissance?
Shaving off the eyebrows and covering them with “wigs” of mouse fur
Flattening the bust with often disfiguring wood-lined corsets
Being as pale as possible using poisonous lead-based makeup
13 of 21Choose your answer:
Why do you suppose that a medieval princess often had a room in the highest part of the castle?
To protect her from enemies, as she was a valuable hostage
To wave at the window and throw ribbons at subjects and admirers
To hide the smell of her toilet, an indoor outhouse leading to the moat
14 of 21Choose your answer:
Since water was unsanitary and made people sick, what was the medieval thirst quencher of choice which shortened their lives anyway?
15 of 21Choose your answer:
Instead of using plates or bowls, medieval peasants ate their soup or stew out of re-used crusts of hard bread called _______________. This led to the nasty oral condition known as___________.
Moulders, “Moldy Gums”
Trenchers, “Trench Mouth”
Crusters, “Crust Mouth”
16 of 21Choose your answer:
This King of the Franks, A.D. 768-814, and Emperor of the West, A.D. 800-814, shares his name with a Steely Dan song.
Louis I, The Pious
Pippin the Younger
Charles I, Charlemagne
17 of 21Choose your answer:
Which part of Medieval Europe was the most developed, with urban utilities such as gas street lights, good hospitals and public baths?
The Germanic tribe of the Carolingian Franks
Moorish Spain before the Reconquista
France, using the “Manorial” system
18 of 21Choose your answer:
What was the name for the Medieval social system in Europe in which peasants were “vassals” and worked for their Lord for land and protection?
Imperium in Imperio
19 of 21Choose your answer:
What happened to Europe after the death of Louis the Pious in 840 A.D.?
Europe was fragmented into warring feudal duchies
The German Empire was established as the dominant power
Europe was united and attacks by the Vikings halted
20 of 21Choose your answer:
Who in the Dark Ages preserved Classical knowledge and history in ornately handwritten calligraphy books?
Benedictine monks in monasteries
Christian monks, working in Byzantine churches
The Spanish Moors in the Houses of Learning
21 of 21Choose your answer:
Why did Pope Urban II send armies of Christians on the Crusades to the Holy Land in the 11th century?
To push the Moorish infidels in Spain back to the Africa and Middle East
To expand the Holy Roman Empire and reclaim the Holy Land
To test the battle skills of his heavily-trained Christian army of knights
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