Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Taxi Driver"?

"You talkin'to me?"

Taxi Driver
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 May 12, 2016
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Question: 1/7Pick your answer!

Taxi Driver
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Travis Bickle is a lonely ex-Marine in NYC who ______ because of his ______
goes to seedy theatres, bad taste
drives a cab, insomnia
writes manifestos, ideals

Question: 2/7Pick your answer!

Taxi Driver
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What is Bickle's idea to rid NYC of crime?
To save girls like Iris from crime
To shoot "corrupt" politician Palantine
To rid the city of people who lure others into crime

Question: 3/7Pick your answer!

Taxi Driver
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______ gets into Bickle's cab and he is haunted by it because_______
His unrequited love Betsy, her rejection of him made him go crazy
Senator Palantine, he didn't shoot him when he had the chance
Iris, she's dragged out by Sport

Question: 4/7Pick your answer!

Taxi Driver
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"You're a young ______, you should be home. You should go to _____, you know"
lady, church
thing, camp
girl, school

Question: 5/7Pick your answer!

Taxi Driver
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Bickle, now sporting a Mohawk, attends a rally to shoot Palantine and _______
is noticed and chased away by the Secret Service
kills him in cold blood but is taken into custody
is noticed and captured by the Secret Service

Question: 6/7Pick your answer!

Taxi Driver
Columbia Pictures
Bickle starts a gunfight in the brothel, kills Slack, saves Iris and _____
dies of his wounds after giving Iris all of his money
tries to shoot himself but runs out of bullets
takes Iris out of there despite his terrible gun wounds

Question: 7/7Pick your answer!

Taxi Driver
Columbia Pictures
As Bickle recovers from his wounds at the end, he __________
goes back to driving taxis in New York
is thanked by Iris' parents for getting her home
tries once again to go on a date with Betsy
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