Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "St. Elmo's Fire?"

“I can see the new horizon underneath the blazin' sky, I'll be where the eagle's flying higher and higher, Gonna be your man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels. Take me where my future's lyin', St. Elmo's fire.”

Movie quiz about the quintessential Brat Pack film "St. Elmo's Fire." Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy. "St Elmo's Fire" movie trivia quiz.

 Apr 21, 2016
1 of 12"St. Elmo's Fire" centers on a group of ____, trying to figure out ____.
lifelong friends, how to stay in touch now that they're adults
working class 20-somethings, which bar to try out next
Georgetown graduates, what to do with their adult lives
2 of 12Which one of these cast members was not in the movie "The Breakfast Club?"
Andrew McCarthy
Emilio Estevez
Ally Sheedy
3 of 12Alec is a _____, and his friends criticize him for becoming _____.
yuppie, a serious Republican
lawyer, a criminal defender
stockbroker, a cocaine addict
4 of 12Kirby is a ____ and ____ and is infatuated with ___.
poet, writer, writing The Great American Novel
law student, waiter, beautiful medical student Dale
doctor, a father, getting married and juggling his life
5 of 12Kevin is ____, who enjoys ____, and is accused of ____ by Jules.
an introvert, getting drunk, being a virgin
a sullen writer, being afraid of Russia, being gay
a cross-dresser, a wild sex life, spreading HIV
6 of 12Wendy is a ___, supported by ___, and is offered ___ if she gets married.
single mother, welfare, a down payment on a house
virginal welfare clerk, her rich family, a Lebaron convertible
lesbian, her older girlfriend, a million dollars
7 of 12Leslie is a yuppie and wannabe architect who is getting ______.
secret cancer treatments
a great job offer in a new city
pressured by Alec to get married
8 of 12Billy, former frat boy and now reluctant husband and father, says, ____
"Marriage is obsolete. Love is an illusion."
"I should have had a vasectomy at birth!"
"Haven't you heard of the sexual revolution?
9 of 12Jules, investment banker and party girl, has an affair with her boss, ___.
gets pregnant, freaks out, and pressures Kirby to marry her
ends up with his job and rises to the top of the firm
gets her possessions seized by creditors, and attempts suicide
10 of 12Kirby goes to a ski lodge where Dale is, learns she has a boyfriend, ___.
gets his car stuck in the snow, and makes a drunken mess of himself
confronts her with his feelings and leaves with a black eye
but she kisses him the next day and he leaves a happy guy
11 of 12What happens after Wendy becomes independent from her family?
She realizes that even though she's poor, she finally feels free
she realizes she can't cook, clean or manage her life
Billy visits her, tells her he's getting divorced, and they make love
12 of 12Who was St. Elmo?
The nickname of the most legendary bartender in Georgetown
A Saint that lures sailors to their deaths with false light, or "fire"
The Patron Saint of the Aimless, Lost, Confused and Indepted
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