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 May 13, 2016
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Question: 1/12Connor McLeod is _______, living in _________, born in ________.

20th Century Fox
a rich eccentric, Seattle in 1987, Giza, Egypt by the pyramids
a hotel manager, Jersey City in 1988, The Warsaw Ghetto
an immortal, NY in 1985, Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel

Question: 2/12Why was McLoed banished by his clan after battle in the 16thc. Highlands?

20th Century Fox
He was killed in battle, rose from the dead and was accused of devilry
He was married to two different women from two different clans
He valiantly led the Mcleods in battle, but was defeated by the Clan Fraser

Question: 3/12What happens after he decapitates fellow immortal Fasil?

20th Century Fox
The electricity goes haywire and NYC experiences a blackout
He is arrested by the police but they had to let him go
A sword specialist examines the shards of Fasil's ancient sword

Question: 4/12In the modern world McLeod goes by the name _____ and is a _____.

20th Century Fox
Siegfried Schwand, a famous architect
Seamus MacDonald, rare sword enthusiast
Russell Nash, wealthy antiques dealer

Question: 5/12In Scotland, Connor lived with Heather, until ___ came and taught him ___.

20th Century Fox
Sunda Kastagir, how to create new identities for himself every few decades
The Kurgan, his head and his wives would always be in danger
Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez, to fight and handle his immortality

Question: 6/12What tragedy did Ramirez warn Connor about, though he refused to listen?

20th Century Fox
His beloved Heather would grow old and die and he would stay young forever
That he would probably be defeated by a stronger, more ruthless immortal
He would witness so much evil over the years that his heart would darken

Question: 7/12Who was The Kurgan and what was his mission?

20th Century Fox
An immortal from the Steppes of Russia intent killing the other immortals
An Egyptan immortal intent on spreading his wisdom to other immortals
An immortal from France intent on killing Connor McLeod

Question: 8/12What happened one night in Scotland while Connor McLeod was away?

20th Century Fox
The Kurgan came, decapitated Ramirez and met Connor's bonny Heather
Their home was destroyed as Ramirez killed another immortal
The Kurgan came to kill Connor but was beheaded by Ramirez instead

Question: 9/12What is the Quickening?

20th Century Fox
A feeling an immortal gets when another immortal dies
When one's life force weakens after beheading another immortal
A transfer of power when one immortal decapitates another

Question: 10/12What happens when metals expert Brenda learns the truth about Russell Nash?

20th Century Fox
She is killed by The Kurgan because Connor falls in love with her
She contacts the police because she figures out he killed Fasil
She confronts him about his immortality and they become lovers

Question: 11/12Who are the only two immortals left by the time of "The Gathering?"

McLeod and Ramirez
McLeod and Sunda Gastagir
Mcleod and The Kurgan

Question: 12/12After killing The Kurgan and receiving a massive "Quickening," McLeod

20th Century Fox
he is now the most powerful immortal in the world and knows everything
he continues his life as normal, but does good deeds around the world
becomes mortal, can have children and goes to Scotland with Brenda
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