Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Clash Of The Titans"?

clash of the titans

“Release the Kraken!”

Clash of The Titans movie quiz. Clash of The Titans quiz. This is a movie quiz about the Clash of the Titans starring Sam Worthington

 Mar 30, 2016
1 of 7Pick your answer!
Perseus is the the son of _______
King Acrisius and a goddess
Poseidon and a human
Zeus and a human
2 of 7Pick your answer!
Which 20thc. stage-dominating British actor played Zeus?
Ralph Richard
John Gielgud
Sir Lawrence Olivier
3 of 7Pick your answer!
Due to the interference of the gods, Perseus finds himself in the city of _____________, where he falls in love with imprisoned princess______________.
Chania, Arianna
Joppa, Andromeda
Rethymnon, Persephone
4 of 7Pick your answer!
Calibos, the son of Sea Goddess Thetis, was engaged to Andromeda, but committed crimes including killing Zeus’ winged horses and is punished by _________
being forced to row the ferry on the River Styx for eternity
being banished and turned into a satyr
being forced to live on an island of cannibals in the Underworld
5 of 7Pick your answer!
In order to win the hand of Andromeda, Perseus must solve a ____________, but if he fails, he will be_______________.
puzzle, turned to stone
riddle, burned at the stake
problem, turned into a scorpioch
6 of 7Pick your answer!
What is the Kraken?
A monstrous Titan in the form of a stinging scorpion or Scorpioch
A huge, ugly, hungry titan of a sea monster
A Titan with a hideous snake body and writhing snake hair
7 of 7Pick your answer!
What happens on Perseus’ quest to kill Medusa?
He uses his men as shields as they are turned to stone one by one
He fails and is turned to stone along with his men
He uses the reflection of his shield to trick her and takes her head
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