Quiz: What Kind Of Drunk Are You?

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What sort of personality do you have when you've been drinking?

A quiz that finds out what kind of drunk personality you have after you've a shot or four! Discover your alter ego!

 Dec 01, 2016
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What reality star do you turn into after a few shots?
New York from Flavor Of Love/Flavor of Love 2/I Love New York
Chad from The Bachelorette
Snooki from The Jersey Shore
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What drinking game do you LOVE to play?
You're a beer pong champion
I don't play drinking games
I play drink other people's alcohol
3 of 6Pick your answer!
Your ex is here! You...
Freak out and make your friends ignore them
Are too busy drawing a crowd with a hilarious story to notice!
Keep on flirting with the other person you met. #Upgrading
4 of 6Pick your answer!
It's high school all over again! The cops are here! You...
confidently act like that fake ID is you!
try to get off with a warning by telling a joke
just start bawling.
5 of 6Pick your answer!
Pick your poison:
I can do 5 vodka shots in a row!
6 of 6Pick your answer!
What party jam do you request when you're buzzed?
"Diva" by Beyonce, and I sing it
"I Just Had Sex" by Lonely Island
"My Immortal" by Evanescence
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