No Bullsh*t, How To Achieve Cat-Eye Liner

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Stop battling your liquid eyeliner and learn how to achieve the cat-eye you've always wanted.

As an avid watcher of YouTube beauty tutorials, I regularly watch girls a decade younger than me effortlessly glide eyeliner into a perfect cat-eye as if it's an inherent skill. Meanwhile, mine is streaked down my face from frustrated-crying that I my cat-eye attempts look more like a football player's eye black. Thankfully, there are some no bull 💩 ways to get the cat-eye down that anyone can handle. Eventually muscle memory will kick in so you can just swipe and go, but until then grab your liquid eyeliner and see which of these beauty hacks is your new go-to.

Use A Spoon

Cosmopolitan revealed this easy trick where all you need is to head to your kitchen and grab a spoon. Apply your eyeliner normally along your lash line, if you want it, but when you get to the outer corner grab your spoon. Place the handle at an angled from the corner of your eye to the tail end of your eyebrow and draw a line. Then, use the curve of the spoon to connect the top of the liner back down to your lash line. Fill the center to give it the full shape.

Change Directions

Another tip courtesy of Cosmopolitan is to draw from the flick at the end of your eyeliner toward your eye! Many tutorials teach how to draw outward, but by switching directions you can be very specific with where the end of the tail will be! This also helps make your eyes even and not have to keep touching them up to try to get them to match.

Grab Your Tape

Cosmopolitan also created the great visual above on how to easily get a cat-eye with another common household object: tape. Simply tape a piece where the edge is angled from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow. This is perfect for people with shaky hands (or simply can't draw a straight line) as mistakes will end up on the tape instead of your face!

Properly Proportion

The perfect cat-eye isn't just about having that flirtatious flick at the end of your eye! The rest of your eyeliner still plays into the look and how you apply your regular eyeliner can take your cat-eye from sly to retro. A common mistake people make, as pointed out by XOVain, is that people will apply their eyeliner across their lid at the same width. Instead, go from thinner in the inner corner of your eyes to thicker as you approach the outer corner. This creates a more cohesive look and you can play with how thick or thin the line is to create the best style of cat-eye for your mood.

Trace Your Design

Especially when you are first experimenting, it helps to trace out the path of your design with an eye shadow. It will give you a blueprint to follow if you love the way it looks but also is easy to remove if you realize the wing tips are too high or uneven. XOVain also points out it's important to make sure the wings are exactly the same as, unlike eyebrows, they are twins and not cousins.

Touch Up Mistakes

Everything takes practice and inevitably in your quest to figure out your perfect cat-eye, you'll make mistakes. The tape trick helps keep mistakes away from the side of your face but you still may find yourself wanting to clean up the shape. The Every Girl recommends dipping a Q-tip into either makeup remover or Vaseline and gliding it over mistakes to erase them.