How To Restyle Your Old Tees Into Cute Workout Tops

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Who needs Lululemon when you have a whole wardrobe of workout gear just a pair of scissors away?

How many event and 5K shirts do you have crammed in your drawer right now? The nostalgia factor alone makes it nearly impossible to throw them out but the unisex fit of many of these keep them rolled up instead of worn. Thankfully, there are dozens of ways to restyle a shirt like this with just a pair of scissors or a sewing machine if you're particularly crafty. These restyled shirts work great for the gym but are stylish enough to also run errands in.

Geometric Diamonds

alt text This simple tutorial from Brit + Co simply calls for a pair of scissors and whatever shirt you want to restyle. All you have to do is cut off the bottom hem of the shirt and fold the bottom half up a few inches. Cut out triangles and unfold to reveal the shape has mirrored to create a diamond pattern. These diamonds will show off a little skin from those abs you are sculpting.

Lace Up A Sweatshirt

alt text Sometimes we don't just have short-sleeved jersey shirts collecting dust! This idea from Snipped and Styled can be recreated by cutting a triangle below the neckline of your sweatshirt. Then, cut holes evenly spaced on each side of the triangle. Thread a string through like a shoelace and tie at the bottom so the knot doesn't peek out. This style is great for running outdoors on a chilly day.

Ribbon Halter Top

alt text Also from Snipped and Styled, this clever idea turns a basic tee into an adorable, feminine top. Very much like the beach cover-up, cut off the arms and cut under the neckline to create loops, but connect with a ribbon instead of T-shirt yarn. Even though it is delicate, it will still hold up when you are pumping iron.

Tie Crop-Top

alt text This tutorial out of The Craft Caboodle is perfect for the gym or working out outside when it's hot. First, cut the arms and neckline off. Then cut a line from the bottom of your shirt up to where you want the crop top to end. Then cut from the bottom diagonally up to that line to create two triangles. Cut the rest of the shirt off in a straight line except those two triangles, which you will tie together to finish the crop-top.