How To Clean Your Hardwood Floors With Safe Ingredients

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Natural cleaning is all the rage for all the right reasons. Here is how to clean your hardwood floors where they stay safe as you use safe ingredients!

1. Plain Ol' Water and Vinegar

One option is to clean your hardwood floors with water and vinegar. Furniture Know How points to it being a popular solution as everyone has those components in their home and it makes for a cheap cleaner.

Pro Tip: too much water on a hardwood floor can ruin the solution and you should use a microfiber mop. --Apply the mixture very carefully and get down and dirty (meaning get on your hands and knees to actually scrub the floor). They say experts recommend mixing "a half cup of white vinegar to a gallon of warm water" in a bucket or container that allows you to dip a mop into it.

However, most people go wrong when their mop absorbs too much water and gets slapped down on the floor. Their trick is to really wring it out and use a microfiber mop. If you can stomach the smell of vinegar up in your nose, the absolute best way is to just get a microfiber cloth damp and scrub away.

If you do decide to do this method and accidentally get any puddles of water, you have to dry up that excess moisture ASAP or you could ruin areas of your floor.


Many people who want to use non-toxic and natural products for their beauty, diet, and more have a tough time with cleaning their home. Often, the solution to a tricky mess or strain comes in a bottle whose list of ingredients is ten feet long. One problem area is a hardwood floor, especially since there are people that warn how certain elements can strain or ruin a floor. Yet, natural cleaning is a way to make sure you aren't breathing in anything toxic or accidentally mix two cleaners, which can have devastating results.

Organic Authority recommends the same mixture for basic floor cleaning, but also has a mixture if you want to amp up the shine with a polish as well. For this cleaner you will want to mix a gallon of hot water, ¾ cups of olive oil, and a ½ cup of lemon juice. Again, use a mop you've wrung out or a microfiber cloth if you're going to get on your hands and knees with it. It will leave your floors sparkling and you don't need to worry about rinsing off the naturally safe ingredients!