Enchanting Fashion That Will Make You Feel Witchy AF

Fashion That Will Make You Feel Witchy AF, a white woman standing in the woods wears a black brimmed hat and dress, fashion
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Put a little magic into your wardrobe!

Witchy Fashion

It doesn't need to be Halloween to enjoy dressing with a certain dark, gothic flair. Influenced by the prominence of witches in pop culture at the moment, witch-inspired fashion has been hitting stores and flying off the racks. It's a style that looks good on everyone and, let's face it, never truly goes out of style! Draw some inspiration from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Charmed, The Craft, and all your other favorite witches in pop culture!

Galactic Long Sleeve Star Print Midi Dress by Frock and Frill

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Honestly, what's witchier than a black dress covered embroidered planets, moons, and constellations? Not much in our book! Frock and Frill's Galactic Long Sleeve Star Print Midi Dress is perfect for fans of astrology and space.

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Aura Boots by Hex Libris

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Every witch needs a good pair of boots, and these Aura Boots by Hex Librix definitely fit the bill! The heel is tall enough that you'll feel more powerful but not tall enough that your feet will hurt too much. Not too mention that, with the small crescent moon and stars, they're just plain cute!

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Cosmic Love Skirt by Hell Bunny

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Hell Bunny's Cosmic Love Skirt is a great way to add some witchy pizzazz to any outfit. The layer of starred tulle adds a great layer of interest to an otherwise plain black skirt. Pair this outfit with your favorite tee to dress it up or something a little fancier for date night!

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Velma Kimono by Love Stitch

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Having a kimono-style top on hand is perfect for those times you need something to throw over a camisole or for days you feel a little bloated and you just want to wrap yourself in something nice. The black lace of the Love Stitch's Velma Kimono is both gorgeous and witchy for those days you need a little something extra.

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V-Neck Velour Dress

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If you want a dress that is soft, comfortable, and witchy, then the V-Neck Velour Dress by Rock N Doll Store is something you need to check out asap! There's something relaxing about both the velour fabric and the moon and stars on the fabric. Oh, and the dress comes with a cute matching choker!

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Dark Sea Maxi Skirt by Hell Bunny

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If your goal is to stand out in a crowd, check out Hell Bunny's Dark Sea Maxi Skirt that manages to both show off your legs and hug your curves without leaving you feeling overexposed. That patterned fabric gives a slightly whimsical feeling that you'll love, making you want to wear this dress again and again!

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Book of Spells Bag by Hex Libris

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Short of a pointed hat and a broomstick, you can't get much more witchy than a book of spells. Hex Libris' Book of Spells Bag is a fun way to bring a bit of magic into your daily life and it certainly makes a statement!

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Amoret Blouse by Hell Bunny

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There are a lot of different ways to style the Amoret Blouse by Hell Bunny, but no matter how you choose to, the long black lace top will make you feel a little witchy! The lace can be dressed up or down and will make you feel incredible while wearing it!

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