Where To Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13 Online And On TV


Where To Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13 Online And On TV

It's almost time for another new episode of Supernatural! You'll be watching, right? Supernatural season 13 episode 13, titled "Devil's Bargain," will follow Sam(Jared Padalecki), Dean(Jensen Ackles), and Castiel (Mischa Collins) as they search for Lucifer(Mark Pellegrino), who is busy negotiating a deal with Sister Jo(Danneel Harris), a faith healer. Danneel Harris, Jensen Ackles' wife, joins the cast this week as Sister Jo, who will be a recurring character for the rest of the season. Sounds like we're in for a wild ride this episode! Can't wait? Here are the details for where to watch Supernatural season 13 episode 13 online and on television!

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Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13 - Television

Whether you've been a loyal fan since season 1 or have only recently began watching one of America's most beloved shows, all fans of the show can agree that there isn't much better than being able to relax after a long day and watch Sam and Dean kick some monster butt! Supernatural season 13 episode 13 airs on the CW Thursday, February 8th at 8. With an exciting new character making their first appearance, it sounds like this episode will be just as great as the rest! Take a peek at the episode promo to tide you over until Thursday at 9!

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Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13 - CW Website

There are a lot of reasons you might not be able to watch Supernatural season 13 episode 13 when it airs on TV. Maybe you have to work. Maybe that's when little Joey's favorite Disney movies are on. Maybe you just don't have cable. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter because the CW posts all new episodes of their shows on their website for you to watch! You only have to wait a few hours after an episode airs and will then have access to it! Awesome, right? The CW always has the five most recent episodes of every show both online and on their app, which is pretty great if you just don't have the time to watch it right away. Thank you, CW!

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The CW

Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13 - Hulu

If Hulu is your favorite streaming service, you probably want to know if you can watch Supernatural season 13 episode 13 on it, right? Unfortunately, you can't. That's okay, though. Hulu has a ton of other great shows to watch and there plenty of other places online to catch up on Supernatural.

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Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13 - Amazon

Unlike Hulu, Amazon does have Supernatural season 13 episode 13 available for you! Each episode costs just $1.99 to buy, while season 13 costs $29.99 for the entire season. They also have season one through twelve available for purchase too for $29.99 with individual episodes running $2.99. That's quite a deal for season 13 episodes and definitely something to take advantage of if you have the cash!

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Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13 - iTunes

Good old iTunes! It has probably been a staple in your life for years now and you probably use it almost every day to listen to music. Which makes it an excellent service to use if you want to get your favorite TV shows from there too! Supernatural season 13 episode 13 costs just $1.99 and will be available to buy after the episode airs on the CW. If you want to get the entire season, it will cost you $29.99 and all new episodes will automatically download for you as soon as they're made available.

Watch Supernatural every Monday at 8|7c on the CW!

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