When Will Quantico Season 3 Be On Netflix?


When Will Quantico Season 3 Be On Netflix US

Quantico, a show about a student at the FBI academy wrongly accused of terrorism, began with a flourish in Fall 2015. Fans immediately took to its diverse cast of characters. Now they're wondering when Quantico season 3 will be available on Netflix. Who can blame them? Quantico has been exciting from the beginning and Quantico season 3 is proving to be much the same! Read on to find out when season 3 will be on Netflix, along with a few other interesting tidbits we've dug up for you!

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Will Quantico Season 3 Be On Netflix?

While it seems like everything is on Netflix these days, that sadly isn't accurate. It's true that hundreds of TV shows and movies can be watched on the streaming service, but sometimes our favorites don't end up on Netflix no matter how much we want them to be. Will we be lucky enough that Quantico season 3 makes the cut or will we have to find another way to watch it?

Good news! Season 1 and 2 are already on Netflix and can be streamed now. Netflix doesn't often only have a few seasons of a show available for streaming and not the rest of them. Rest assured that Quantico season 3 will, at some point, be on Netflix! So, when will that day be?

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When Will Quantico Season 3 Be On Netflix US?

Now that we know Quantico will be on Netflix, we need to know when! Netflix hasn't given us an exact date we can expect the show to begin streaming. Also, because season 3 only has 13 episodes instead of the previous 22, it is a little harder to make an educated guess as to when we can start looking for the show on Netflix. Sources have pegged the Netflix release date anywhere from Summer 2018 to March or April 2019, right before season 4 would begin. At this time, a 4th season has yet to be confirmed. We will update you on Quantico season 3 when we know more!

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Where Else To Watch Quantico Season 3

While we don't know when season 3 of Quantico will be on Netflix just yet, there are other places we can watch the show. New episodes air on ABC every Thursday night at 10|9c and can also be watched on Hulu Live TV.

Unlike most ABC shows, Hulu doesn't stream Quantico. New episodes can be watch on ABC's website or you can pay for episodes on iTunes or Amazon for $2.99 each.

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Watch Quantico every Thursday night at 10|9c on ABC!