When Will Life Sentence Be On Netflix US?


When Will Life Sentence Be On Netflix?

Once or twice every TV season, there will be a new show that really catches our interest. This season, it's Life Sentence! Which brings us to the question of when Life Sentence will be on Netflix, all ready for us binge watch. Some of us will be too busy to watch the episodes as they come out, some prefer to be able to watch a show all at once, and some of us will just plain want to watch it again once the season ends. Guess what? They're all totally valid reasons to wonder if and when our new favorite show, Life Sentence, will on Netflix. After all, we need to know just how many times Lucy Hale is going to break our hearts this year. So, when will Life Sentence be on Netflix?

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Will Life Sentence Be On Netflix?

While there is no official word on whether Life Sentence will be on Netflix or not, it stands to reason that it will be at some point. All of the CW's end up on Netflix due to a licensing deal the two companies signed with each other for. Netflix gets the streaming rights to all of the CW's scripted TV shows. Considering that Life Sentence is also a scripted show, the odds are definitely in our favor that it will end up on Netflix before too long.

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When Will Life Sentence Be On Netflix?

When the new CW show Life Sentence will be on Netflix is a trickier question. While the licensing deal states that all scripted TV shows will be available on Netflix just eight days after the season finale of a show, we don't yet know when the date of Life Sentence's finale will be. However, we can hazard a guess. Most of the CW shows have season finales during the late spring or early summer, and we can't see why Life Sentence would be any different.

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Watch Life Sentence On The CW

In the meantime, we can watch Life Sentence on the CW! The new show premieres Wednesday, March 7th at 9|8c right after Riverdale ends. If you're unable to watch the premiere on TV, the episode will also be available on the CW's website not long after the airtime. TV shows are free to watch on the CW's website, though it should be noted that they only ever have the five newest episodes of the current roster of shows.

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Watch Life Sentence Online

After the premiere of Life Sentence, there will be other places online you can watch the show. Sadly, Hulu won't be one of them. However, both Amazon and iTunes are great places to watch TV shows and they'll both have new episodes of Life Sentence available for purchase after the episodes air.

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Life Sentence airs Wednesday nights at 9|8c on the CW!