When Will American Crime Story Versace Be On Netflix?


When Will American Crime Story Versace Be On Netflix?

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, based on the murder of one of the most prolific fashion designers ever, wrapped up in late March, but people are still talking about it! Nicknamed American Crime Story Versace, it was the second season of the true crime anthology television show that has been making waves since it covered the O.J. Simpson trial in season 1. Sister show to FX's American Horror Story, both shows provide a mini-series style compelling and often creepy plot that wraps up in by the end of the season. What separates the two is that while American Horror Story might find inspiration from the real world, American Crime Story is the fictionalized version of true events, making it even scarier in some ways! With the rise in popularity of true crime over the last few years, we can't wait to rewatch American Crime Story Versace. Which brings us to the question of when will American Crime Story Versace be on Netflix. Read on to find out!

"You're not upset that I stole. You're upset because I stopped!" #ACSVersace

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Will American Crime Story Versace Be On Netflix?

First, we need to know whether or not American Crime Story Versace will even be on Netflix sometime in the near future. Considering that the first season that covered the O.J. Simpson trial is currently on Netflix, it stands to reason that American Crime Story Versace will be on Netflix before too long. Every season of American Horror Story but the most recent one are all streaming on Netflix, along with a few other FX shows like Sons of Anarchy. We also discover that Netflix and Fox, which owns FX, the channel American Crime Story airs on, signed a deal that gave exclusive streaming rights to Netflix for the first season of American Crime Story, along with the rights of each subsequent season that airs. We're confident that yes, American Crime Story Versace will be on Netflix in the near future.

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When Will American Crime Story Versace Be On Netflix?

When speaking about Netflix's exclusive rights to American Crime Story, the former vice president of Netflix Sean Carey, stated, "We're excited to evolve our relationship with Fox and to bring their lauded content to our members around the world. Given the popularity of the first season of American Crime Story, we are thrilled to offer this acclaimed drama series to our members."

Fans are hopeful about the continued relationship between Fox and Netflix, knowing they will get to stream their favorite shows. However, when they'll get to stream American Crime Story Versace on Netflix is still a mystery. As of right now, there is no streaming date, but we will keep you updated when we know more!

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Where Can I Watch American Crime Story Versace Online?

In the meantime, we will fill you in on where else you will be able to watch American Crime Story Versace besides Netflix. Amazon offers the entire season for purchase, just $24.99, while individual episodes are $2.99. For the same price, iTunes also has the second season available. If you have a cable provider, you can login on FX's website and watch the entire season.