What Happens When I Unfollow a Group on Facebook? | 2018

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Find out what happens when you unfollow a group on Facebook!


What Happens When I Unfollow a Group on Facebook? | 2018

You came here because you want to know what happens when you unfollow a group on Facebook, right? Don't worry, you're in the right place! After all, we understand that there are times when you join a group and you love it, but you just get so tired of seeing post after post clogging up your Timeline.

Sometimes you're just not in the mood to group posts about Healthy Zucchini Recipes or Job Postings For Ladies that are 1,500 miles away, making unfollowing the group your best option. We get that, we really do. Still, you don't really understand what happens when you unfollow on Facebook. Does it mean you can never see posts from the group ever again? Will group admins kick you out because you unfollowed the group? What does it all mean?

Never fear, because we will break everything down for you and explain what happens when you unfollow a group!


What Happens When I Unfollow A Facebook Group?

The great thing about Facebook is that they work hard to really tailor the social media site so it is a unique and fun experience for each person. Between pages to like, friends to befriend, and groups to join, you can experience a lot of different levels of interaction. Sometimes there is just a little bit too much interaction from some groups and it starts to clog up your Timeline. You don't mind clicking on the group every once in a while to read through posts, but you don't really want to see them other than that.

Well, there is a way to do that: unfollow. We know that it sounds pretty bad. On other social media sites and apps, unfollowing someone means that you have nothing to do with them anymore, but on Facebook, unfollowing a group isn't like that at all! Essentially, unfollowing a group means that you will still be in the group and can access the group any time through your groups page, but no posts from the group will show up on your Timeline any more and you won't get notifications anymore either unless you happen to comment on a post in the group.

This feature is pretty awesome if you ask us. When you go to click the unfollow bottom for a group, beneath it, it reads "stop seeing posts but stay in group," reassuring you that you can still stay in a group that you love!