These Are the Websites Every Romance Fan Should Know About

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Looking for a new read? Want info on your favorite writers? These sites will help!

Great Romance Websites

If you're an avid romance reader - and who am I kidding, you're reading this article so chances are good you are - you probably like to stay in what I call the romance loop. That's why knowing some truly helpful and great romance websites will make your life so much easier!

Of course, following your favorite authors on social media is always a good idea, but there are other romance sites that'll compile info for you. New book releases, book tours, and so much more. But that isn't the end-all, be-all when it comes to great book sites either. Some sites allow you to read stories right on there, while others are good for curating your own information or even talking to other romance lovers.

These are just a few of my favorite romance book sites. It's far from an exhaustive list. Let us know your favorites!


Unsplash has a little bit of everything! They curate fun lists by topic to help you find books you're in the mood for, keep you in the know on new and upcoming releases, have book reviews, and even have a newsletter that sends you daily deals on books!

2. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books


The ultimate romance website, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books is definitely a fan favorite! Like other sites, they post book reviews, but they also have their own podcast, have a blog that covers a little bit of everything, and a great book search system. My favorite think on their website is Help a Bitch Out.

3. WOC in Romance


WOC in Romance began month-long project during Black History Month 2015 highlight and promote Black female romance writers. Since then, it's grown into a website to highlight and promote women of color in romance. The search system is great for finding book recs, and because they're adding new books to the site all the time, you're sure to add plenty of awesome books to TBR list!

4. Goodreads


Goodreads might seem like an obvious choice, but it's also an overlooked one. The reader curated lists are amazing and something I utilize all the time. You're also able to keep track of every book you read, making your search to find a previous read all the easier. You're also able to follow all your favorite authors and keep up with what your friends are reading. Here are some alternatives to Goodreads you may want to check out to expand your romance world!

5. The Lesbian Review


While not strictly romance, a lot of what The Lesbian Review covers is romance! Specifically sapphic romance. It's hard for us queer girls to find book recs on other romance websites so having a site totally dedicated to us is amazing. Book reviews, a podcast, roundup lists, and more make up this incredible site!

6. Radish


Radish is a phone app in which authors publish serialized stories for readers to devour. Thousands of stories across basically all genres are on the app keep readers occupied for days. There are even chat rooms that allow readers to connect with the authors! Download Radish here on iPhone and Android.

7. Book Riot


Book Riot is a site for all book readers, but they have a very thriving romance section on their site that I love catching up on every so often! Between great articles on diversity in romance to lists that always have me adding to my own TBR, they have a great site! Don't forget to sign up for their mailing list!

8. Reddit


Yep, you read that right! Reddit's Romance Books subreddit is a great place to go to chat with other romance novel lovers. What I love about the community is there are always people helping each other out. Whether trying to recall the name of a book or simply need slow burn recs, people are always happy to help each other out.

Let's Keep the Conversation Going...

What are your favorite go-to romance websites?

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