Snuggle In These Warm But Cute Sweaters To Finish Out Winter

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Get your cuddle on with these cute sweaters!

Stay Warm In One Of These Sweaters

It's winter and, with the frigid temperatures, everyone is doing their best to stay warm. Layers are the way to go to keep toasty, and so are these adorable warm but cute sweaters. A lot of times, bundling up in a sweater make you feel shapeless and like you're wearing a blanket, so we scoured the internet to find some sweaters that are both warm and fashionable. After scrolling through this list, you'll be eager to bundle up in a chunky sweater!

Oversized Chenille Button-Front Cardigan

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Having a thick cardigan in your closet is always a good idea, and the Oversized Chenille Button-Front Cardigan from Target is a great choice! It's perfect to layer over any outfit you'd like to show off, but will still keep you warm.

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Homecoming 'Round the Mountain Sweater

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Modcloth's Homecoming 'Round the Mountain Sweater is over-sized and chunky, while still making you feel fashionable. The collar will help keep you warm against the winter chill and the slits up the side will help show off your shape.

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Long Sleeve V-Neck Chenille Pullover

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The Long Sleeve V-Neck Chenille Pullover isn't any ordinary sweater. It's loud and sassy and a ton of fun to wear. Best of all, you'll still stay warm when you wear it!

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Slouchy Turtleneck Poncho

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If you want to retain body heat, this Slouchy Turtleneck Poncho from Kohl's will do just that! It easily layers over your favorite jeans and boots. Contrast your colors by layering a long sleeved shirt in a different color underneath.

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Sleeve Wrap Front Pullover Sweater

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We all have days that we feel bloated and far from our best. Target's Sleeve Wrap Front Pullover Sweater can help hide any of your insecurities because it's over-sized and yet interesting to look at with the wrap in the back. You may not feel your best, but you'll definitely look your best!

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Long Sleeve Cocoon Open Layering

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Like with the cardigan, the Long Sleeve Cocoon Open Layering is another great layering option that will help keep you warm this winter. It can be layered over a dress or great top and jeans or a skirt.

Get this sweater from Target.

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