21 Vegan Instagram Captions for Every Scrumptious Meal

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Check out these amazing vegan Instagram captions!

The Best Vegan Instagram Captions

If you're looking for vegan Instagram captions, then you've come to the right place because we have rounded up a list of 21 great ones that will complete all of your upcoming Instagram posts!

There are many reasons people decide to become vegan. Some people are raised that way by their parents, while others wish to reduce harm to animals by not eating meat. Other people have medical conditions that made it difficult for them to digest meat products for their food. Others might want to lose weight. The great thing is that there is no wrong reason to become vegan!

Read on for a little inspiration on your next vegan Instagram caption and, with the holidays approaching, check out this article on how to make the perfect vegan cheese board for Thanksgiving or holiday season!

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Cute Instagram Captions for Vegan Food for Selfies

• I just want to drink green smoothies and eat vegan food and save animals.

• Accidentally smiled at someone again today because I was thinking about hummus.

• Life is better when you're vegan.

• Happiness is finding out there's a vegan option.

• Feed me vegan food and I'm yours.

Funny Vegan Instagram Captions

• Friends, not food!

• My body is a temple, not a tomb.

• Kill bad vibes, not animals.

• Vegan - because I'm the change I wish to see in the world.

• "Don't do nothing just because you can't do everything." -Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

• Junk food satisfies you for a minute. Healthy food satisfies you for life.

Clever Vegan Captions for Insta

• Eat veggies, not buddies.

• Vegan and loving it!

• Being vegan is in my roots.

• You say treehugger like it's a bad thing!

• Damn it feels good to be vegan.

Funny Vegan Food Captions for Instagram

• "I could never go vegan" said almost every vegan before going vegan.

• Don't hurt animals. It's not cool.

• Peace, love, vegan.

• This is just the veganning!

• "Vegan food is soul food in it's purest form." -Erykah Badu