You're Going to Love Valfré's New Zodiac Collection!

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What's your sign?

The New Zodiac Collection By Valfré

I've been following Valfré on Instagram for a while now and am a big fan of creator and designer Ilse Valfré's work. So in December when I saw Valfré had the Zodiac Collection coming out, I was ecstatic. Each day, they posted one sign leading up to the release of the collection to build anticipation. It was effective - I eagerly logged on each day to see the latest sign, patiently waiting for my sign, Sagittarius. I wasn't disappointed.

Born and raised in Mexico, Valfré's artwork is inspired by comic books, anime, and Baja style clothing. She says, "My work is always influenced by Mexico and the U.S. It's a very unique blend."

Her work has been dubbed "whimsical" by NBC, "edgy" by BBC, and "ultra-cool" by Hello Giggles, and the Zodiac Collection is no exception!

Shop the entire collection here!

2019 Zodiac Calendar

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Buy the Zodiac Calendar for $24.

Zodiac Tee

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Buy the Capricorn tee, Scorpio tee, or shop the rest of the signs for $42.

Zodiac Print

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Buy the Sagittarius print, Virgo print, or shop the rest of the collection for $60.

Zodiac Pin

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Buy the Pisces pin or shop the rest of the collection for $12.

Zodiac Canvas Print

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Buy the Aquarius Canvas Print, the Aries Canvas Print, and shop the rest of the collection.

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