27 Best True Crime Podcasts

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The best true crime podcasts for you to listen to!

27 Best True Crime Podcasts

In recent years, the true crime genre has exploded. Between Netflix originals, new documentaries, podcasts, not to mention the apprehension of the Golden State Killer, it's everywhere! Which is why we've created a list of the best true crime podcasts for you to listen to.

Have you already listened to a couple dozen true crime podcasts and are looking for something new to listen to? Then you're in the right place because our list has 27 great podcasts to listen to! Even if you have listened to some of the podcasts on the list — and if you're a fan of the genre, it is likely you have — there are still plenty others you probably haven't listened to just yet! So just kick back with a pen and paper, ready to jot down a few best new true crime podcasts!

1. Already Gone


Already Gone is a podcast by Nina Innsted and primarily covers "stories of the missing, the murdered, the mysterious and the lost" in Michigan.

2. They Walk Among Us


From the UK, They Walk Among Us is a true crime podcast "covering a broad range of cases from the sinister to the surreal." And it's definitely worth checking out!

3. Trace Evidence


Hosted by Steven Pacheco, Trace Evidence evidence covers a lot of smaller cases with the goal of "drawing attention to" unsolved cases "to seek truth for the victims and their families.

4. My Favorite Murder


My Favorite Murder, hosted by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, is a podcast that combines true crime and comedy, which sounds like it shouldn't work but somehow does. Stay sexy and don't get murdered!

5. The Grift


The Grift is a really interesting true crime podcast by author Maria Konnikova. Billed as "a show about con artists and the lives they ruin," The Grift delves into cult leaders, impostors, card sharks, art forgers, and more!

6. Accused


Accused: The Unsolved Murder of Elizabeth Andes is a Cincinnatti-based podcast covering the 1978 murder of Elizabeth Andes. While cops and prosecutors saw and open and shut case, two different juries disagreed with their assessment. This podcasts asks: "Was the right guy charged, or did a killer walk free?"

7. Death in Ice Valley


Death in Ice Valley, a BBC World Service and NRK original, is a Norwegian podcast about a body found nearly half a century ago in the ice that has never been identified. The show wonders: "Who was she? Why hasn't she been missed?"

8. True Crime Garage


Brought to us from Columbus, Ohio by Nic and the Captain, True Crime Garage is a podcast that covers a lot of smaller and unsolved cases along with interesting takes on more well-known cases. Grab a beer and don't litter!

9. Martinis and Murder


Martinis and Murder is a show that comes with its own cocktail recipe book! From Oxygen, the show is hosted by Daryn Carp and John Thrasher as they "chat about creepy crimes and mysterious murders."

10. Serial Killers


Hosted by Vanessa Richardson and Greg Polcyn, Serial Killers strives to offer a glimpse "into the mind, methods, and madness of the most notorious serial killers with the hopes of better understanding their psychological profile."

11. Criminal


Hosted by Phoebe Judge, Criminal is interesting because it covers true crime cases that go beyond murder. Vulture says that it is "a true crime podcast that understands crime as something sociological, historical, even anthropological — that crime is a function of people, time, and place."

12. Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo


The second season of the Missing and Murdered series, Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo covers a decades-old disappearance of Cleo, a Cree girl taken from her parents by child welfare works in the 1970s. Cleo's siblings, who were also taken, say she was "stolen," "raped," and "murdered," only to have her "body left at the side of the road." Cleo's siblings reconnected as adults and are determined to uncover what happened to their sister.

13. Transmissions From Jonestown


Transmissions From Jonestown is a 9 episode series about the mass suicide lead by cult leader Jim Jones. The podcast includes "raw audio" from the Peoples Temple and hopes to discover what actually happened during the massacre.

14. Reveal


From The Center for Investigative Reporting, Reveal strives to shed light on crime and corruption, along with holding "the powerful accountable," revealing "government fraud," "human rights violations," "threats to public safety," and so much more.

15. Hollywood & Crime


Broken up into distinct arcs, Hollywood & Crime is exactly what it sounds like. The first arc is an in-depth look at the Black Dahlia murder, along with "more than a dozen other women died in similar circumstances around that same time."

16. 17.74 Seconds


From NPR, 74 Seconds delves deeply into the murder of Philando Castile by police officer Jeronimo Yanez. Yanez was charged with murder, but was found not guilty less than a year later. The podcast deals with racism and police brutality in Minnesota and beyond.

17. Queens of Crime


Hosted by Adriana Padilla, Karen Daniel, and Bethany Jones, three producers of true crime television, Queens of Crime pulls "the curtain back on the reality of what it takes to investigate some of the world's most gruesome and interesting crimes."

18. Serial


One of the most well-known podcasts (and rightly so), Serial is hosted by Sarah Koenig and covers a different case each season. Season 1 is about the disappearance and death of Hae Min Lee and her boyfriend Adnan Syed, who was charged with her murder, while season 2 follows Bowe Bergdahl, a former prisoner of war charged later charged with desertion.

19. The Vanished Project


The Vanished Project is a podcast "covering missing persons, one episode at a time." The great thing about The Vanished Project is that the cases are typically small ones that most haven't heard of, bringing attention to them.

20. S-Town


Hosted by Brian Reed, S-Town is a the story about a man named John "who despises his Alabama town and decides to do something about it." This podcast has death, family feuds, a treasure hunt, and is absolutely devastating.

21. Casefile


Casefile is a true crime from Australia by an anonymous host. Most of the cases are ones unfamiliar to an American audience, making it an interesting listening experience. According to Casefile, "fact is scarier than fiction," which is often the case!

22. Someone Knows Something


Covering a new case each season, Someone Knows Something is in its fourth season and hosted by David Ridgen.

23. Stranglers


Stranglers covers the 50-year-old Boston Strangler case. With 13 women murdered, authorities have never been able to figure out who the murderer or murderers were. Stranglers digs into the case, shedding new light.

24. Wine and Crime


A true crime comedy podcast, Wine and Crime is hosted by Kenyon, Amanda, and Lucy, three childhood friends that love drinking wine and talking true crime while they "unleash their worst Minnesota accents!"

25. Small Town Murder


Small Town Murder is a true crime podcast that covers, you guessed it, small-town murders. Hosted by comedians, the podcast tries to dig into what makes small-town murders "tick."

26. Cults


You may recognize the hosts of Cults because Greg and Vanessa also host Serial Killers. Cults is an interesting podcast that "explores the history and psychology behind the most notorious cults."

27. Crimetown


Hosted by Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier, Crimetown covers a different city each season to "investigate the culture of crime." Season 1 features Providence, Rhode Island where organized crime and corruption runs rampant.