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Toby Keith Quotes To Use Again And Again

Toby Keith has been a big name in country music since his 1993 debut album, Toby Keith, was released. He's released 17 more studio albums, two Christmas albums, and five compilation albums since then.

We dug up some really great Toby Keith quotes, lyrics pulled from his best songs, that we think you'll love! There are tons of ways to use a good Toby Keith quote. Use them as photo captions on Instagram or Facebook, turn them into an art project, or even make them a social media update.

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Fun Toby Keith Quotes

• "I love this bar, It's my kind of place. Just walk in through the front door, Puts a big smile on my face."

• "You shouldn't kiss me like this, Unless you mean it like that."

• "That's my house and that's my car, That's my dog in my backyard."

• "I should've been a cowboy, I should've learned to rope and ride."

• "Burn it through a hole, in a can of Budweiser, If you can't take the heat son, vaporizer."

Toby Keith Quotes You'll Love

• "Does that blue moon, Ever shine on you."

• "Now I'm paintin' the house and I'm mendin' the fence, I guess I gone out and lost all my good sense."

• "Many moons I have lived, My body's weathered and worn, Ask yourself how old you'd be, If you didn't know the day you were born."

• "When the gun smoke settles we'll sing a victory tune."

The Best Toby Keith Quotes

• "That justice is the one thing you should always find, You got to saddle up your boys, you got to draw a hard line."

• "I want to talk about me, Want to talk about I, Want to talk about number one, Oh my me my."

• "There's a different feel about you tonight."

• "We talk about your dreams and we talk about your schemes."

• "Is that very same moon, Shining on you like it's shining on me?"

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