The Ultimate DGAF Instagram Captions, Ever

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Instagram captions for all those days that you just DGAF.

The Best DGAF Instagram Captions

Some days, it is just impossible to care. Especially when there is already so much pressure on women to care about everything else in life. Sometimes, you just need a day where you DGAF about anything, and that's where these incredible DGAF Instagram captions come in! They're the solution for days when you just need to tell the world to back off for a little while (and you can even wear this ColourPop eyeshadow called DGAF while doing it!). Check out these great Instagram captions and just take a step back for a while!

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Fun Instagram Captions For When You DGAF

• Stop letting it bother you, and just let it go.

• It's not that we have more patience as we get older. We just DGAF about pointless drama anymore.

• Be all in or get out. There is no halfway.

• There is a huge amount of freedom that comes when you take nothing personally.

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Great DGAF Instagram Captions

• It isn't the lie that bothers me. It's the insult to my intelligence.

• When someone keeps making the same mistake over and over again, it becomes a habit.

• Not giving a fuck is the best revenge.

• Never regret anything that's happened in your life. It can't be changed or undone, so take it as a lesson and move on.

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Clever Instagram Captions For When You DGAF

• "I got my own back." -Maya Angelou

• Fool me once, your loss. End of story.

• "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together." -Liz Taylor

• Keep your head high and your middle finger higher.

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Good DGAF Instagram Captions

• Too glam to give a damn.

• If I'm not worth the truth, you're not worth my time.

• Dont' be reckless with other people's hearts, and don't put up with people that are reckless with yours.

• Forget the ones who forget your.

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