The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 Cast, Photos, Spoilers, Promo


The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 Cast, Photos, Spoilers, Promo

Season 4 of The Flash has been exciting, hasn't it? And there's still (thankfully) quite a bit to go! The Flash season 4 episode 15, airing Tuesday, March 6th, is already gearing up to be just as awesome as the rest with a few returning characters and a nail-biter of a plot! We can't wait to see what "Enter Flashtime" has in store for us. But until it airs, we have a little bit of information on the new episode to tide you over. Here's everything you need to know about The Flash season 4 episode 15, from the cast to some major spoilers! Get ready!

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 - Cast

It was mentioned before that characters would be returning in The Flash season 4 episode 15, and they are none other than Jesse (Violett Beane) and Jay (John Wesley Shipp)! How cool is it to have Jesse Quick and the original Flash back in the same episode? As for the rest of the cast, we'll see Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice Patton), Joe (Jesse L. Martin), Cisco (Carlos Valdes), Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), and Harrison (Tom Cavanagh). The Mechanic (Kim Engelbreckt), Marlize DeVoe, is also slated to be back.

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 - Photos

Unfortunately, there haven't been any promotional photos from The Flash season 4 episode 15 released just yet. We'll be sure to keep you posted!

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 - Spoilers

Spoilers are what get us through until new episodes of our most beloved shows finally air, and luckily, we have a few spoilers for you. It looks as thought Jesse and Jay's big return is brought on by the explosion of a nuclear bomb going off in Central City. Barry, Jesse, and Jay have to slow down time by entering Flashtime, a concept that was briefly brought up during Barry's trial when he stopped time so he could go talk to Iris. The entire city appears frozen to them as they push themselves to their limits in the attempt to save the citizens of Central City. There's speculation that Veronica Dale, an eco-terrorist from the comics who goes by the name Hyrax, is the one to set it off. A casting announcement for her character was recently released and in the comics, she attempts to detonate a bomb in Metropolis using a plane, but Green Arrow sets the bomb off in the air, killing himself in the process. Looks like we will just have to wait and see what happens!

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 - Promo

Like with the promotional photos, the promo trailer hasn't yet been released either. We'll update you when we have that information!

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