The Best Witchy Apps For A Spellbinding 2019

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Have a magical new year with these witchy apps!

Incredible Apps For Your Inner Witch

People today are busy. If you feel most comfortable traveling around with some of your magical tools, it can get a bit difficult to lug around your Book of Shadows and your copy of The Crystal Bible on top of everything. That's where this list of the best witchy apps for 2019 comes in!

While there are some traditionalists out there that may never feel fully connected to their magic while using an app, some witches and magically-inclined folk thrive using technology. Technology allows people to take magic on the go and practice it anywhere - people probably won't even know you're doing it. These apps include an assortment of magic, including tarot, horoscopes, phases of the moon, and so much more.

Take a look at this list of the best witchy apps for 2019. Perhaps you'll find the right app for you!

1. The Luminous Spirit Tarot

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Every witch needs a good tarot app on their phone. While many don't like tarot apps quite as much as a real deck of tarot cards, it's hard to deny how convenient tarot apps are when you're on the go. The Luminous Spirit Tarot app is just as beautiful as the physical deck and includes a few perks that even the physical deck doesn't have, including:

• a way to track your progress from reading to reading.

• a journal to write down the problem you're having, your expectations, the the reading you received.

Download for Android and iPhone.

2. Galaxy Runes

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Another divination app, the Galaxy Runes app is a great rune app for both those familiar with runes and those that wish to learn. Like with a tarot app, this app is perfect for a person on the go and includes:

• Rune of the Day

• one or three rune spreads

• guidebook of rune meanings and correspondences

Download for Android.

3. My Moon Phase

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Modern witches need a good lunar app in their life and My Moon Phase fits the bill! The format of the app makes it really easy to use despite having providing you loads of information, when the next full moon will be, and the current moon cycle. The app also includes:

• info on moonrises and moonsets

• future moon cycles

Download for Android and iPhone.

4. Astromatrix

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If you're interested in astrology, the Astromatrix app is a good app to check out! Free and easy to use, Astromatrix provides your birth chart and helps you understand it. It also considers your sun sign for a more accurate reading for "indications of opportunities in wealth, mental state, love life, emotional issues and career opportunities and challenges." Astromatrix also features:

• daily and monthly horoscopes

• birth chart reports

• retrograde calendar

• tarot readings

Download for Android and iPhone.

5. Spellcaster

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The Spellcaster app is the perfect general app because it has a little bit of everything. It has a great, modern design and is simple to use and, best of all, comes with a ton of different features to try out. The app includes:

• a Rune and Tarot Card of the Day

• a rock guide

• a spellbook

• daily horoscope

Download for Android and iPhone.

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