5 Incredible Romance Series Featuring Inclusive Couples

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Check out these fun romance series that feature inclusive characters!

Inclusive Romance Series

Romance series are a dime a dozen, and for good reason: they sell and people love them! However, the vast majority have the same cis, straight, white, ablebodied characters in each book. That isn't true of every romance series, and we've unearthed a fantastic few inclusive romance series that are totally worth investing your money in!

From contemporary to historical romance, the writers of these five inclusive romance series go out of their way to make their series inclusive. While reading, the books all feel perfectly natural because, guess what, disabled and mentally ill people and people of different races, sexualities, and genders exist, are perfectly normal, and have incredible stories too!

Keep reading to discover a few great new series to check out if you're interested in inclusive romance!

Reluctant Royals by Alyssa Cole

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Alyssa Cole's Reluctant Royals series features a group of tentatively connected people all looking for love. Each book focuses on one couple in which one half of the couple is either royalty, nobility, or connected to the throne in some way. What's great about Cole's series is just how inclusive it is, especially compared to other prominent series in the genre. Main characters include people of color, queer and disabled characters, and interracial relationships. There are currently three books and novellas out and two forthcoming.

Book list:

• A Princess in Theory

• A Duke by Default

• Once Ghosted, Twice Shy

• A Prince on Paper

• Can't Escape Love

The Townsends series by Lily Maxton

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Each book in Lily Maxton's The Townsends series is connected by one of the main characters being a Townsend, a Scottish family living in the Highlands. It was pretty interesting to discover a historical series that featured queer relationships, and both a gay and lesbian relationship at that. It's also pretty clear that Theo Townsend, hero of Enchanting the Earl suffers from PTSD after fighting in the war.

Book list:

• Enchanting the Earl

• The Rogue's Conquest

• A Lady's Desire

• A Scot's Surrender

• Highland Haunting: A Halloween Story

• Claiming the Highlander's Heart

Treading the Boards series by Tess Bowery

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Tied together through the nineteenth century London art scene, Tess Bowery's Treading the Boards series is a look into what an inclusive historical series should be. The first two books include gay and bisexual characters and two different polyamorous relationships. The third book is particularly interesting because of Grace. While gender fluid characters are rare, black gender fluid characters are practically nonexistent.

Book list:

• Rite of Summer

• She Whom I Love

• That Potent Alchemy

Welcome to Sea Port Book by Katrina Jackson

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Katrina Jackson's Welcome to Sea Port is a fun, contemporary series set in the small town of Sea Port. Each novella follows a resident in Sea Port, with From Scratch and Her Christmas Cookie each starring Mary. With characters of color, plus size women, a polyamorous couple, and a lesbian couple, the series of novellas feel very true to life simply because the world is made up of all types of different people with different lived experiences.

Book list:

• From Scratch

• Inheritance

• Small Town Secrets

• Her Christmas Cookie

Regency Reimagined by Megan Mulry

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The Regency Reimagined series by Megan Mulry is another historical series that has the feel of a traditional historical series and yet is surprisingly inclusive, especially when it comes to sexuality and gender. The novels present LGBTQ people not only as acceptable but also perfectly normal. Even side characters are unabashedly queer.

Book list:

• Bound to be a Bride

• Bound to be a Groom

• Bound with Love

• Bound with Passion

• Bound with Honor

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