8 Health Apps That Help Track Your Symptoms

Health Apps That Help Track Your Symptoms, closeup of a black woman with her hair in braids and wearing a black shirt looking down at her cell phone, health
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Check out these apps that will really make a difference in your life!

Health Apps That Will Improve Your Life

Millions of Americans are living with some sort of chronic condition. From chronic illnesses to mental illness to chronic pain and fatigue, there are tons of conditions out there that can negatively impact people's lives. We created a list of 8 health apps that will help track your symptoms. Keeping track of your symptoms, whether it is your pain levels, depression symptoms, blood sugar, and more allows you to take charge of your health. Find an app or two that's right for you and begin tracking your symptoms today!

1. Flaredown

Flaredown is a comprehensive app that allows you to track symptoms, what you eat, your medications, the weather, your mental health, your activities, holistic medicines, and even allows you to customize tracking. The app supports a wide variety of conditions, has a discussion features that allows you to talk to other people, and even lets you to send reports to your doctor.

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2. Cara

Psychological psychotherapist Christina Rosenberger says, "Stomach and mind are more connected than one would think. Cara helps to understand this interrelation better." The app is designed to help you find "patterns between your nutrition and your symptoms. Without a single drop of blood." It helps you keep track of nutrition, stress levels, medication, symptoms, your mood, and anything else to find a connection "between your symptoms and triggers."

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3. CareZone

CareZone is a great all around health app. It allow you to keep track of your symptoms such as sleeping habits, blood glucose, weight, and more. Another great feature it has is that it reminds you to take your meds, which is especially helpful if you take them at different times a day. CareZone also has a great medication management system that lets you "keep a single list of medications, dosages, refill information, and prescribing docs in your pocket."

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4. Moodnotes

From the creators of MoodKit, Moodnotes was created by clinical psychologists to help you "Track your mood and identify what influences it." Moodnotes is a great app for people with mental illness and utilizes cognitive behavior therapy and positive psychology to "develop healthier thinking habits," "increase self-awareness," and more.

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5. Sleep Cycle

Designed to track your sleep patterns, Sleep Cycle is "an intelligent alarm clock" that wakes you while in a light sleep, allowing you to feel more rested and have more energy. It tracks sleep patterns over time, allowing you to see view your sleep habits and is great for people with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

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6. My Pain Diary: Gold Edition

The successor to My Pain Diary: Chronic Pain & Symptom Tracker, My Pain Diary: Gold Edition was actually created by a chronic pain patient to "track, manage, and report on chronic pain and symptoms, chronic illness, and mental health." You're able to customize the app to fit your needs, including the location of the pain and the type of pain. More than 60 chronic health conditions are able to be tracked at this time.

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7. Daylio

Daylio allows you to "keep a private journal without having to type a single line." It allows you to keep track of you daily mood and the activities you do each day, which can be converted into a statistics calendar to view your habits over time, including both monthly and yearly formats. There's a place to keep notes and Daylio even allows you to lock the app with a PIN.

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8. Heath2Sync

If you have diabetes, Health2Sync is something you'll want to check out! It allows you to easily track your blood sugar, medication, blood pressure, diet, mood, and exercise to "help you manage diabetes." The app also provides feedback to help you take control of your health.

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