Hot For Teacher: 9 Romances Perfect for Back to School!

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Load up your backpack with these romance novels to read!

Romance Novels Featuring Teachers

School is back in session and teachers are again hard at work! We all know what an important role teachers play educating young minds, but that's not why we're today. We're here because, well, romance books about teachers are awesome!

From pre-school to grad school, teachers are one of the more popular jobs in romance novels, and there's a good reason for it: teachers are amazing! There's something undeniably sexy about people who shape young minds and are passionate about their jobs.

Romance books about teachers are always fun to read. We hope you enjoy these books and have a great school year!

1. Teach Me by Olivia Dade


Rose Owen is determined to keep her distance from Martin Krause, the new teacher assigned to teach her "beloved world history classes." Even an ice queen like Rose can't help but be drawn to someone as kind as Martin eventually. It turns out Martin could use a good teacher too, and Rose may just be the one.

Get Teach Me here.

2. Off the Ice by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn


Star player in the NHL Tristan Holt is always planning ahead. That means he's already thinking about what he's going to do when he's done playing hockey. Going to school for business in the off season, Tristan can't help but have a crush on Sebastian Cruz, his sexy sociology prof. Turns out it may not be one-sided either. Sebastian won't give in until Tristan's no longer his student, and Tristan isn't ready to be the NHL's gay poster boy just yet.

Get Off the Ice here.

3. Sizzling Seduction by Gwyneth Bolton


For firefighter Patrick Hightower, risking your life is easy, but risking your heart? That's something else entirely, something he's never doing again. He keeps his relationships hot and short, but he can't bring himself to do that with teacher Aisha Miller. Turns out Aisha is the one who isn't interested in something more! Aisha has had one to many alpha males try to control her life over the years and figures Patrick is just like the rest. But it turns out there's something gentle about Patrick too, something that makes Aisha look at him again.

Get Sizzling Seduction here.

4. Last Will and Testament by Dahlia Adler


Lizzie Brandt may have been valedictorian in high school, but college is a different story. Now she's partying too hard and hooking up with one jerk after another. Then her parents die in an accident and the only way to keep her brothers out of foster care is for Lizzie to become their guardian. That means she'll need to clean her image up. She asks her Byzantine History TA, Connor Lawson, for help. It turns out Connor understands more than Lizzie could have imagined and before long, feelings get involved. Messy feelings.

Get Last Will and Testament here.

5. A Heart to Call Home by Jeannie Levig


Gym teacher and coach Dakota Scott may be from the wealthiest family in town, but she's dealt with a lot of tragedy in her life. Because of her own pain, Jessica Weldon left 30 years ago but is now back in town to teach English. Their worlds collide when a student is academically in trouble. Together, the women have the chance to let go of their pain and finally find the love they deserve if only they'll open their hearts to the unknown.

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6. Just to Be with You by Sheryl Lister


After having her heart broken again and again, teacher Janae Simms is done with love and all the pain that comes with it. When her BFF asks Janae to tag along to a concert, she figures it will be a night of fun. She doesn't expect to actually meet R & B star Monte and feel an immediate connection with him. Terrence "Monte" Campbell has been burned by a lot of women who only see his fame, but Janae is different. After trying to keep an emotional distance, they share a night together, making Terrence wonder if he'll finally be able to let go of all his past hurt for the potential of a wonderful future.

Get Just to Be with You here.

7. Once and Again by Lauren Dane


Lily Travis never expected to be back living in Petal, Georgia, especially with her mom. Yet here she is, trying to figure out a way to help her little brother. Her best bet is to talk to her ex, aka the reason she left Petal seven years ago. Working as a teacher, Nathan Murphy has dealt with a lot, but he still isn't ready for Lily to burst back into his life. And his heart.

Get Once and Again here.

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