6 Fantastic Tarot Apps For Advice On the Go!

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Reach for your phone when you're unable to reach for your cards!

Tarot For Your Cell Phone

With the future seemingly becoming more uncertain, more and more people are turning to tarot cards for guidance in a chaotic world. Most of us are busy and don't have the option to just whip out a tarot deck anytime we need some answers. That's where tarot card apps come in!

If you log onto your phones app store and search for tarot apps, you'll find dozens. It can get confusing, especially when they're all boasting to be the World's #1 Tarot App and you just want to find the right one for you. Let's face it - not all cartomancy apps are created equal. That's why we've found six great tarot card apps for you to try out!

Check out these six tarot card apps, each great in their own way, and find the right one for you!

1. The Luminous Spirit Tarot

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The Luminous Spirit Tarot app was created as a companion to the The Luminous Spirit Tarot deck, but is a wonder app to use on its own. The app uses the phases of the moon to help set your intentions with a spread for each phase of the moon. The app helps you focus on your actions, reflections, rest, and more to get the most from your readings.

Why we like The Luminous Spirit Tarot app:

• Includes space to record your problem, expectation, and what you got with each reading.

• The app allows you to track your progress.

• Includes a guidebook with information on each card.

Download for Android and iPhone.

2. Golden Thread Tarot

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The Golden Thread Tarot app, created in conjunction with the Golden Thread Tarot deck, was created with the intention of tapping into the innate to help you make the best possible decisions for you. The app really focuses on healing and personal growth and would be especially useful for people going through a lot of changes in their lives.

Why we like the Golden Thread Tarot app:

• The app lets you log and save all your past readings and analyzes your readings.

• It has a guidebook of tarot card meanings.

• It contains lessons to help you learn about tarot.

Download for Android and iPhone.

3. Galaxy Tarot

via Galaxy Tone

A thoughtful app with useful features, the Galaxy Tarot app is a great way to start your day because of it's Card of the Day feature. It comes with six different tarot spreads to get you started, including classics like the Past, Present, and Future spread, and the Celtic Cross, but allows you to purchase new ones if those don't work for you.

Why we like the Galaxy Tarot app:

• The Card of the Day allows you to start your day with a one card reading that is accompanied with a "loving, supportive message for your day."

• The tarot card encyclopedia that contains info on each and every card.

• A useful app for both beginners and experienced tarot readers.

Download for Android.

4. Mystic Mondays

via Mystic Mondays

There's a lot we can say, or rather gush, about the Mystic Mondays app, but our space is limited. It started out as deck on Kickstarter that funded and eventually turned into an app. And a really great app at that! Not only does the app itself have an incredibly cool and modern vibe, but the cards themselves are vibrant and gorgeous. Both the deck and app are filled with good energy and positivity. We recommend the Mystic Mondays app to anyone who could use a bit more of that in their lives.

Why we like the Mystic Mondays app:

• Like the Galaxy Tarot, it has a Card of the Day feature to guide you throughout your day.

• It comes with a tarot library and includes descriptions of each card.

Download for Android and iPhone.

5. The Fool's Dog Tarot Sampler

via The Fool's Dog

When you hear the word sampler, you probably think of a chocolate sampler containing a bunch of different types of chocolate all in box. That's basically what The Fool's Dog Tarot Sampler app is. It includes cards from dozens of different tarot decks, creating a truly unique experience. The Fool's Dog offers many different apps based off real tarot decks for $3.99, but the Tarot Sampler is totally free.

Why we like The Fool's Dog Tarot Sampler app:

• Includes a feature that lets you share your readings online.

• Has 19 different layout options, along with a free form layout option.

• The Tarot Sampler includes an extensive journal with past readings.

Download for Android and iPhone.

6. Daily Tarot Plus 2019

via Tap Genius

The Daily Tarot Plus 2019 might not be as fancy as other apps, but it includes some really cool features that make for a very well-rounded experience! The app includes tarot spreads specialized for whatever you're seeking and features different types of tarot you can choose from.

Why we like the Daily Tarot Plus 2019 app:

• As the name of the app implies, Daily Tarot comes with a Card of the Day. It also has a daily horoscope and a daily lucky number and color.

• Specialized tarot spreads for love and relationships, career and finances, spirituality, health, and the future.

Download for Android and iPhone.

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