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If you aren't familiar with Tana French's novels, you should be! Especially if you enjoy thrillers, suspense, and mystery books.

In this article, we've covered all seven of Tana French's books in chronological order for you to easily read from beginning to end. It's most important to read her six Dublin Murder Squad series novels in order (books one through six on this list), while here stand alone novel, The Witch Elm, can be read at any time.

No matter which order you choose to read Tana French's novels, you will go on a suspenseful, twisted journey!

1. In the Woods


In the Woods, the first novel in Tana French's Dublin Murder Squad series, was released in 2007. In the summer of 1984 in a small suburb of Dublin, children get called home as the sun begins to set. However, three children don't return home. When the police show up, they discover just one of the three children fearfully hugging a tree, shoes bloody, and unable to remember anything that has happened.

Twenty years have passed and now, Rob Ryan, the boy who was once found holding fast to the tree, is a detective on the Dublin Murder Squad. He keeps his past close to his chest, but when a young girl is found in the same woos, he and Cassie Maddox, his partner and closes friend, end up investigating a case eerily similar to Rob's own. Rob finally has the chance to solve his own past while stopping a killer in their tracks.

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2. The Likeness


In the follow up to In the Woods, The Likeness takes place six months later. Cassie Maddox transferred away from the Dublin Murder Squad and doesn't plan to go back. At least until an urgent call brings her face-to-face with another grisly crime scene.

The victim Cassie finds at the scene looks exactly like her and her identification dubs her Alexandra Madison, the alias Cassie used while she was undercover. Now it is up to Cassie to uncover who murdered the woman, who she was, and why her life is so similar to Cassie's own.

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3. Faithful Place


The third book of the Dublin Murder Squad is titled Faithful Place, following Frank Mackey. In 1985, when he was just 19, he had dreams of leaving his family's crowded home on Faithful Place, leaving behind his alcoholic father and dysfunctional mother. He and his girlfriend Rosie had plans to run off to London, but Rosie never showed up the night they were supposed to leave. Frank figured she dumped him and he never returned to Faithful Place.

Twenty-two years later, Frank is a detective in the Dublin Undercover squad. He finds out Rosie's suitcase has been found behind a fireplace in an abandoned house on Faithful Place. Whether he likes it or not, Frank is going home.

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4. Broken Harbor


In Broken Harbor, the new star of the Dublin Murder Squad is Mick "Scorcher" Kennedy, a man who "plays by the books and plays hard." And it lands him the biggest case of the year. Patrick Spain and his two young children have been found murdered. His wife, Jenny, is hanging on in intense care. What Scorcher thinks will be an easy case doesn't pan out, not with so many small, unexplained details. The files erased from the family computer. The baby monitors pointed toward smashed holes in the walls of the Spain's home. The intruder Jenny saw getting past the locks.

Broken Harbor, the neighborhood the Spain's home is located, holds childhood memories for Scorcher, memories of his troubled sister, Dina. Memories he thought he had under control.

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5. The Secret Place


In the fifth book in Dublin Murder Squad series, The Secret Place, a boy was murdered a year ago, his body found at a girl's boarding school. His case is unsolved. Detective Stephen Moran has wanted to join Dublin's Murder Squad for ages, and may finally get his chance when sixteen-year-old Holly Mackey shows up with a photo of the murdered boy, a caption reading, "I know who killed him."

Along with Detective Antoinette Conway, and under the supervision of Holly's father, Frank Mackey, the boy's case is reopened. The clues take the from Holly's group of friends to their rivals, "the tangled of relationships that bound them all to the murdered boy." The world of teenage girls may be more dangerous than they ever imagined it to be.

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6. The Trespasser


The Trespasser is the most recent Dublin Murder Squad novel. For Detective Antoinette Conway, being part of the Murder Squad is nothing like she imaged. It's full of harassment, thankless cases, and vicious pranks. Only her partner, Stephen Moran, seems to appreciate her.

They get assigned to a new case that appears to be a lovers' quarrel gone bad. Aislinn Murray is a beautiful woman found dead in a "catalog-perfect" living room, lying next to a romantic dinner. It doesn't seem that unusual, but for the fact Antoinette is sure she's seen this woman before.

Her coworkers pressure Antoinette and Steve to arrest Aislinn's boyfriend from her death, but Aislinn's friend hints she new Aislinn was in danger. The more they uncover about Aislinn, the less she see matches up her "glossy, passive doll" faƧade.

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7. The Witch Elm


The Witch Elm is Tana French's first novel not part of the Dublin Murder Squad series and also her most recent. It features a man named Toby, a happy-go-lucky and charming man who managed to wriggle his way out of trouble at work. To celebrate, he heads out with friends. Later, Toby surprises a couple of burglars who beat him and leave him for dead. While recovering from his injuries, Toby realizes his life has likely changed forever.

He decides to go to his family's ancestral home and, while there, care for his dying uncle Hugo. A human skull is found in a tree trunk on the property, forcing Toby to consider his past isn't what he always believed it to be.

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