Supernatural Season 13 Episode 16: Where To Watch & Preview


Supernatural Season 13 Episode 16: Where To Watch & Preview

Supernatural season 13 episode 16 is one that we've been waiting for since it was first teased months ago. Why? Because it is the Supernatural and Scooby Doo crossover fans have joked about and dreamed about for years! Supernatural has had ups and downs over the years in both writing and plots, but it's undeniable that they know how to put out a good show. Supernatural season 13 episode 16, titled "ScoobyNatural," features the Winchesters as animated characters in the style of the Scooby gang. Also, it looks like Hot Topic is putting out some merch just for this episode, including T-shirts, patches, and buttons. This one's going to be huge. We know. So, here's how and where to watch Supernatural season 13 episode 16 online and on television, plus spoilers and details on the next episode! Also, don't forget to check out the details on a potential season 14 renewal from the Supernatural PaleyFest panel, where we also give our first impressions of the ScoobyNatural episode!

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Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 16 On Television

If you want to watch this episode of Supernatural as soon as possible, then watching it on TV is your best bet! Grab your favorite TV buddies - whether they be your best friend, sister, girlfriend, or dog - and enjoy the latest episode of one of the longest running shows on television. This episode of Supernatural airs on the CW on Thursday, March 29th at 8|7c right before Arrow at 9|8c.

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Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 16 Online

Don't worry if you're unable to watch this episode when it airs on TV! There are plenty of places online that will have it available for streaming not long after the end of the episode. The CW's website is one such place! They always have the five most recent episodes on the website, so it's alright if you get a little bit behind. Sadly, Hulu no longer has Supernatural or any other CW show available, though Amazon and iTunes do! One episode of Supernatural costs $2.99 on both sites, while the entire season is $29.99.

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What To Watch For In Supernatural Season 13 Episode 16

What is this week's episode, Scoobynatural, about? Well, it seems that Sam, Dean, and Castiel somehow get sucked into the TV and become animated characters! What's even better is that the show they get sucked into is Scooby Doo, where Team Freewill teams up with Mystery Incorporated to "solve a ghostly mystery." Scoobynatural sounds like it's going to be a blast!

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Cast Of Supernatural Season 13 Episode 16

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 16 Trailer

"The Winchesters get animated!" says the promo trailer to Supernatural season 13 episode 16. After some sort of mishap involving a remote and a wily television, Sam and Dean get sucked into the TV, only to find themselves in an episode of Scooby Doo. They're understandably upset by this development, but it doesn't stop Dean from calling "dibs" on Daphne when they come across the Gang dancing together in a restaurant.

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Spoilers For Supernatural Season 13 Episode 16

What about spoilers for Supernatural season 13 episode 16? Don't worry, we have some! At a recent conference for The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan stated that we haven't seen the last of John Winchester! His exact words? "John Winchester will come back. That's a promise." It seems that this likely won't be until the show ends, so it may be a while until we see the Winchester patriarch again, but we're sure it will be well worth the wait when it happens! It's speculated that a witch is the reason the Winchesters get sucked into the TV in this episode. If it is a witch, there's a good chance that it's none other than our friend Rowena!

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