A Stacey Abrams’ Romance Is Coming To The Small Screen

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A Stacey Abrams’ Romance Is Coming to the Small Screen

During her keynote speech for The Hollywood Reporter's Power 100 Women in Entertainment event, Stacey Abrams says of her romance novels, "I crafted characters and plot lines where women who looked like me did things few black women dreamed about—ethnobotanists saving small villages and falling in love with handsome, flawed leading men."

Now, audiences will soon get to seen one of her novels on TV.

Written under the nom de plume Selena Montgomery, Abrams' novel Never Tell was recently green-lit. Created by CBS Television Studios and PatMa Productions, Abrams will serve as an executive produce on the project.

Talicia Raggs is slated to write for Never Tell, while also serving as another executive producer. Raggs worked on shows such as NCIS: New Orleans, Switched at Birth, and The Originals.

Nina Tassler and Denise Di Novi will serve as executive producers for the show.

What Is 'Never Tell' About?

Here's a summary of Selena Montgomery's Never Tell:

Dr. Erin Abbot is a criminal psychologist living in New Orleans who keeps the world at arm's length. She lives a quiet life, devoid of excitement, and likes it that way. That means absolutely no romance.

A serial killers hits New Orleans, which leads her to investigative journalist Gabriel Moss. Gabriel is a man who is always chasing the next big story and Erin holds the key to a huge career maker.

But it doesn't take long before Gabriel begins to suspect Erin is hiding something. Something dark. Gabriel can see past her frumpy suits to the beautiful, caring woman underneath and can't help but fall for her, despite the way she holds herself back. Erin is falling for Gabriel, but she knows she can never have him, not without her past getting exposed.

There are often changes during adaptations from book to TV show, so we'll just have to see exactly what the show will be about. In the meantime, check out the book!

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