Support These Black Owned Small Businesses This Black History Month

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Discover 7 great black-owned small businesses to support!

Black Owned Business To Support During Black History Month

It's Black History Month, the shortest month of the year in which the United States tries to fit centuries worth of history, oppression, racism, triumph, and struggle into 28 days.

As a white person, I won't try to speak over black people about what they need from white people and allies during Black History Month because I can't possibly know for sure having never experienced racism. Here are a couple of good articles written by black people that lay out how white to be an ally during Black History Month.

During Black History Month — And Beyond by Asia Ewart

5 ways white allies can carry Black History Month beyond February by Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez

Listening to black friends, family members, co-workers, and anyone else in your life is also a good idea. Attending lectures or listening to podcasts by black speakers has helped me learn a lot, though I'm far from an expert and never will be.

I do know that one way to support black people during Black History Month is to support black-owned small businesses. Keep in mind that it's also important to support black-owned small businesses year around too!

Green Box Shop

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Green Box Shop began as a small operation in founder Kayla Robinson's apartment after she struggled to find "bold social justice tees." On their website, you'll find tons of social justice inspired t-shirts with models of different sizes and races, along with disabled models.

Nicole Marie Paperie

via Nicole Marie Paperie

If you're looking for greeting cards, stationary, or art prints, Nicole Marie Paperie, owned by Nicole Alesi, is the place to start. Alesi's art is bright, cheerful, and whimsical in the best way possible and makes for the perfect gift for a loved one!

Urban Heirlooms

via Urban Heirlooms

What makes Urban Heirlooms so special is that each of their purses, wallets, wristlets, and keychains carefully made by hand and the quality really shows. Owner Dana Osborne-Biggs searches for all the leather and antique and vintage elements that get incorporated into her pieces.

Pixel + Ink Creative

via Pixel + Ink

Daneisha Davis owns Pixel + Ink Creative, an illustration and design shop. Much of her art is inspired by her Southwest Louisiana home, though you'll also find a lot of adorable gem stone prints and merch inspired by the podcast My Favorite Murder.

Loop'n Threads

via Loop'N Threads

Loop'n Threads is an adorable small business focused on handmade knitwear accessories. Everything made by owner Nathan Bryant is exemplary and well-made - the pride he takes in his craft is obvious. Make sure to check out the flower monogram he makes from pressed flowers too!

Tabitha Brown

via The Pair A Birds

Tabitha Brown, the owner of The Pairabirds, describes her style as "a hybrid of 70s soul funk, noir, and minimalism," but there's also something incredibly optimistic about it. You look at Brown's work and can't help but feel a little lighter. Her work is available in prints and on pretty much anything else you can think of thanks to Society6 and Redbubble.

Adorned By Chi

via Adorned By Chi

"Blurring the lines between fashion and fiction..." reads Adorned by Chi's about page, and that feels so fitting to what the website is. Often left out of anime fandom, Adorned by Chi began as place for black girls and women to be free to embrace what they love. Now the website sells its own manga, along with a ton of great t-shirts and accessories!

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