40 Six Flags Instagram Captions

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The best Six Flags Instagram Captions to use on your vacation!


40 Six Flags Instagram Captions

Six Flags remains one of the best amusement park companies in the world for families and individuals who want an adventure! It's no wonder people are clamoring to chronicle their trip to the park with the perfect Six Flags captions. The good news is that we've rounded up some awesome Six Flags Instagram captions for you to use!

With 25 different Six Flags locations that include thrill, water, and theme parks, along with family entertainment centers, Six Flags saw more than 30.4 million guests last year across their parks in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Also, did you hear that Six Flags recently bought five new parks in the United States including water parks a western theme park? Sounds like our summers are about to get even better! In the meantime, take a look at the 40 Six Flags IG captions we've come up with and have a blast!


• My only goal in life is to make it to every Six Flags park!

• Bought our tickets, booked the hotel: Six Flags, here we come!

• Is it too much if I get off the Batwing and immediately get back in line?

• I nearly threw up going down the first hill of the first coaster I went on today, but I didn't! That's an improvement over last year!

• Would it be too weird if I wore my Wonder Woman costume while going on the Lass of Truth ride?

• Been counting down the days since I found out we were heading to Six Flags this summer.

• Shipwreck Falls is still my favorite and no one can tell me otherwise!

• Love the Bourbon Street Fireball so much! I think it will always be my fave!


• Can I just move in to Six Flags and ride the rides every single day?

• Prepared to have my memory erased on the Mind Eraser!

• Already planning my next trip to Six Flags!

• Six Flags is basically the only place I can say I'm going to Gotham City and it will actually be true.

• While I'm looking forward to the coasters, I can't wait to go to Looney Toons Movie Town!

• Had a blast spending the weekend at Six Flags!

• Mardi Gras all year long!!

• Does anyone else feel like they can take on the world after riding the Wonder Woman ride?


• So who wants to go to Six Flags with me this summer?

• Heading to the Speedway!

• Why can't the park be open at night too? There are only so many hours to ride the coasters!

• Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey is probably going to be the name of my future child.

• The water rides are so much fun for both me and my kids!

• Hitting up the souvenir shops!

• I'm going to roar while riding on the Roar and no one can stop me!

• Sipping a whiskey in the saloon. Too bad I forgot my cowgirl hat at home.


• I kind of wish I was a kid again so I could go on the Elmer Fudd ride.

• Hurricane Harbor is the best!

• My kid when on the Halfpipe and now he wants me to build him one in the backyard.

• The Voodoo Drop sure has cast a spell on me because I'm going on it again!

• Renegade Rapids sounds so epic!

• Wahoo River is opening soon! Can't wait!

• Going to Six Flags makes me feel like a kid again!

• Leaving the kids with Grandma and heading to Six Flags for a girls weekend!


• The Cyclone is a whirlwind of fun! #imsopunny

• I woke and ate a healthy breakfast so I can have as much energy at Six Flags as possible.

• I think that Zydeco Zinger is the coolest phrase I've ever heard.

• My world just ended when I stopped off the Apocalypse!

• Is it just me or is the Whistlestop Bus Line so freaking adorable?

• Touring the park on the Railway is always a treat!

• Can I get my passport stamped for each roller coaster I go on?

• Riddle Me This: When can I go back to Six Flags?