10 Romance Novels About Single Parents

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Because we all have a soft spot in our heart for this trope!

Single Parent Romance Novels

One trope many of us love is the single parent romance. But why is it so popular?

One reason is that it's relatable. Many fans of romance are single parents and love to read a good happily-ever-after for fellow single parents. Some people admire single parents, while others unfairly pity them.

Many times, single parents, especially single mothers, have to work twice as hard (if not more, especially if they're a woman of color) as couples with kids. As for the single parent trope, it's exciting to root for an underdog and see them persevere.

Single parent romance novels often overlap with other tropes with love: enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, second chance romance, and much more, making the trope all the more beloved.

Crack open one of these awesome books we found and enjoy a great single parent romance today!

1. Love in the Red Zone by Love Belvin


With past legal trouble and a current pro football career, Trent Bailey is blessed with a second chance and won't risk blowing it. Single mom Jade Matthews is doing everything she can to provide a great life for her son, Kyree. It's Kyree's love of football that first draws Trent and Jade together, what starts as a favor quickly becoming into much more as their feelings for each other grow. But they'll have to fight for what they want. Will it be enough?

Get Love in the Red Zone here.

2. Create a Life to Love by Erin Zak


Jackie Mitchell is a romance novelist who doesn't like to think about her past. She's content with the few responsibilities she has in her life. That changes when the child she gave up for adoption sixteen years ago shows up at her house. Jackie then meets Beth's adoptive mom, Susan, and their attraction is instantaneous. There are so many things stacked against them from the get-go, and yet it all feels so right.

Get Create a Life here.

3. Marine for Hire by Tawna Fenske


Marine Sam Kercher is used to putting his life on the line, but his latest mission is well out of his comfort zone. When he gets asked by his best friends ask him to nanny for their recently divorced sister and her seven-month twins, Sam figures it'll be easy. It isn't. Sheridan promised herself she'd never fall for another overbearing military man like her ex. Which was Sam's true mission: protect Sheri and the boys from her ex and keep his true identity a secret.

Get Marine for Hire here.

4. What Happens in Summer by Caridad Pineiro


Jonathan hasn't been able to get Connie Reyes out of his mind since the fling they had as teenagers. The only problem is that now Connie is a single mom and she'll never put herself in that same position she did years ago. She has a child to think of. But seeing Jonathan again is so tempting. Now, he's ready to show her the person he's grown into over the years, someone she can respect, can love.

Get What Happens in Summer here.

5. The Bewildered Bride by Vanessa Riley


Ruth Croome and Adam Wilky were to be married, but instead, they decided to elope. On their way home, their carriage was attacked and Ruth was forced to witness the murder of her husband. Four years later and a single mother, Ruth is ready to move on with her life. Adam never told Ruth he was the heir to Wycliff barony because of the danger, which nearly got him killed and did get him imprisoned. Assuming his wife is gone, Adam is hellbent on revenge. Only Ruth is alive and she's madder than hell he lied to her. Now he'll do anything to win his wife back.

Get The Bewildered Bride here.

6. As You Breathe Again by Molli Moran


Heading down to Georgia for the summer to spend time with her best friend, Delaney Shaw tries to live in the here and now. She finds it safer that way. However, Reece Walker wants to changer her mind. He lost his ex-wife a year ago and, while he's still grieving, he's doing everything he can to hold his small family together. But he's never forgotten Lanie and, now that's she's back, Reece is playing for keeps. Still, Lanie has very real reservations like an interracial relation in a small town. However, together, they may finally find they peace they've both longed for.

Get As You Breathe Again here.

7. It Takes Two to Tumble by Cat Sebastian


Lost in the grief of losing his wife, Captain Phillip Cacre loves nothing more than to be out at sea on his ship, leaving his children in the care of governesses and tutors. The problem is that his hellions have managed to drive away each governess he's hired. Enter cheerful, charming vicar Ben Sedgwick. The men quickly connect and it doesn't take long before Phillip realizes he "can't seem to live without Ben's winning smiles or devastating kisses." But is their relationship worth the promise of a safe life?

Get It Takes Two to Tumble here.

8. Solid Soul by Brenda Jackson


It's unlikely flower shop owner Kylie Hagan and millionaire Chance Steele would ever meet under normal circumstances. Their kids plot to get their parents together in the hopes that they'll be so wrapped in each other it will get them off their backs. However, Kylie and Chance plot together too, trying to prevent an unwanted pregnancy between their teenage "lovebirds." And in the process, Kylie and Chance develop a chemistry that's as hot as the Southern nights they share.

Get Solid Soul here.

9. Hypnotizing Chickens by Julia Watts


The day Chrys Pickett left her Appalachian home was the best day of her life. Her accent disappeared and she got her PhD, making a vow to never go back. But her Nanny needed her. What else could she do? It turns out that Chrys missed and actually needed that simple Appalachian life -- family, cookouts, dogs and chickens running around everywhere. It's a nice reprieve from her life. And it turns out that Nanny's physical therapist is a looker, their attraction intense. Throw some family secrets into the mix and Chrys is in for one hell of a summer.

Get Hypnotizing Chickens here.

10. Going Down Easy by Erin Nicholas


Addison Sloan heads down to New Orleans once a month for business. While there, she and Gabe Trahan have a standing date of jazz, beignets, and incredibly hot sex. Gabe's grown a bit sweet on her lately, wanting more. Turns out he isn't the only one. With Addison getting reassigned to New Orleans, she isn't ready for a relationship. Especially since every guy hits the road when they discover she's a single mom. However, Gabe's thrilled because he's a single parent too. Running out of excuses, will Addison learn to listen to her heart?

Get Going Down Easy here.

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