5 Highly Addicting Shows You Won't Regret Watching

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Great TV Shows You Need To Watch ASAP

Television just keeps getting better and better. Between dramas, comedies, sci fi and fantasy, reality shows, and more, there's a ton of great shows on right now for us to choose from. The fact that streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and more exist definitely helps up TV's game too because they have the money to funnel into great writers, directors, and actors.

We compiled a list of five TV shows you won't regret watching, shows that are totally worthy of a marathon! Some of them you may have heard of like Queer Eye, but others you may not be familiar with, such as GLOW. At any rate, we know you know who Sandra Oh is and - good news - she's in one of the shows on our list!

Schitt's Creek

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Now on it's fifth season, Schitt's Creek follows the Roses, a formerly wealthy family that loses all their money and is forced to relocate to a small town called Schitt's Creek, the only asset they have left to their name. Schitt's Creek is a hilarious take on class, classism, and small town living. Season 1-4 are streaming on Netflix.


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Siren is the sci fi/fantasy we all need in our lives. A show about mermaids could easily end up in corny territory, but Siren avoids that through solid storytelling and compelling characters. The show follows Ryn, a mermaid that leaves the water for land after the food supply begins to dwindle due to overfishing. The show is available on Hulu.

Queer Eye

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We all need at least one feel-good show in our lives and Queer Eye fill that role, and then some! A reboot of the classic Queer Eye and the Straight Guy, the new iteration is a heartwarming show that never fails to hit us right in the feels. Queer Eye is available to stream on Netflix.

Killing Eve

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There's never been a show quite like Killing Eve on TV before. Typically, spy shows are reserved for male protagonists and never have the layers to them that Killing Eve has. the cat and mouse game between Eve and Villanelle is one of the most interesting we've ever seen, particularly with the romantic element. Watch Killing Eve on Hulu.


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Based on the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling from the 80s, GLOW is the perfect mix of fun, funny, drama, and feminism. The mostly female cast is very refreshing to watch and proves, once and for all, that woman are absolutely funny. Two seasons have been released so far, and we're chomping at the bit form more. Stream GLOW on Netflix.

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