Get Your Rocks Off Thanks to 8 Sensual Romance Novels

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Sensual Romance Novels

We read romance because we enjoy a good love story, because we like getting to know the characters and to see how they get their happily-ever-after. Many of us also read romance because we enjoy the sexy parts.

Truly sensual romance novels are a treat to read. They go beyond being sexy and instead venture into passionate, gratifying books.

There's nothing wrong with reading books that are sexy for the sake of being sexy, but some readers get something more out of sensual romance novels, such as an exciting and fervent build up between love interests, resulting in a satisfying payoff by the end of the book.

If you're looking for an exciting romance novel to read, here are seven you'll love!

1. Hurts To Love You by Alisha Rai


In Hurts To Love You by Alisha Rai, Evangeline Chandler has kept a burning secret for years: she's in love with her brother's tattooed, rough-and-tumble best friend. The only problem is Eve is a Chandler, an heiress. She isn't supposed to fall in love with their housekeeper's son. But she also isn't supposed to go against her father's wishes and quit her "respectable" job. It seems Eve has been breaking a lot of rules lately. Gabriel Hunter's attraction to Eve came out of nowhere, but that doesn't make it any less real. However, Eve is too sweet for him and deserves better. Then a wedding puts them in close proximity with each other and they struggle keeping their hands to themselves.

Get Hurts to Love You here.

2. Willing Victim by Cara McKenna


Living with roommates, working as a waitress, and nearing 30, Laurel White's life feels pretty dull in Cara McKenna's Willing Victim. Then she meets a boxer named Flynn who awakens something within her, a need for sex she's never felt before. Despite the sex being rougher, Flynn is adamant about consent in everything they do, stating how "important" it should be for both of them. Ultimately, Laurel will have to make a choice between staying in her safe, comfortable world, or taking a chance on something, and someone, totally new to her.

Get Willing Victim here.

3. 21 Questions by Mason Dixon


Kenya Davis, in 21 Questions by Mason Dixon, is known for finding great employees. She isn't so great at finding great girlfriends. She decides to check out a speed dating event and, surprisingly, meets two incredible women. Now she must figure out which woman is "Miss Right and which is only Miss Right Now." Simone Bailey doesn't have trouble meeting women working as a bartender at a hot club. Then she meets Kenya, and there's something about here Simone can't shake.

Get 21 Questions here.

4. The Naphil's Kiss by Simone Beaudelaire


Angelic nephilim who have protected people from succubae, creatures who seduce and drain people, ever since ancient times. Simone Beaudelaire's The Naphil's Kiss is the story of a Nephilim named Lucien and a succubus named Sarahi who meet and fall in love after Sarahi goes against her mother, Lilith. The union of Lucien and Sarahi has been prophesied just as a war between angels and demons has. Their union is to bring forth a new warrior, but will it "hold the key to salvation, or utter destruction?"

Get The Naphil's Kiss here.

5. Some Like it Scandalous by Maya Rodale


The only way for Theodore Prescott the Third, hero of Maya Rodale's Some Like it Scandalous, to survive his latest scandal is to marry a respectable, sensible woman. A woman like Daisy Swann. Daisy isn't interested in a loveless marriage, though a heartbreaking family secret that could ruin everything forces her to agree to a fake engagement, especially since he can help make her dreams of selling her own line of cosmetics true. It doesn't take long for Theo and Daisy begin "trading kisses. And secrets." It turns out they may be "the perfect couple after all."

Get Some Like it Scandalous here.

6. Bumper to Bumper by Gretchen Evans


Bumper to Bumper by Gretchen Evans follows Gabe, someone who is over hookup culture. Now that he's in his thirties, he wants something real. However, with nothing to do while sitting in traffic, Gabe finds himself on Cruised. Miraculously, he meets Mark, who is funny and smart and handsome. Sure, they have a quickie in the bathroom at the coffee shop, but Mark doesn't rush out like most guys either. Their connection is real. Then, as Gabe is developing feelings for Mark, he sees a woman driving Marks car and he isn't sure what to think. He doesn't want to date a cheater, but he also doesn't want to stop seeing Mark. Could everything be a misunderstanding? He sure hopes so.

Get Bumper to Bumper here.

7. Take the Lead by Alexis Daria


In Alexis Daria's Take the Lead, Gina Morales is a dancer on her fifth season of The Dance Off, a TV celebrity dance competition. After all this time, she wants to win. Her latest partner, Stone Nielson, may finally be her chance. Stone stars on the Alaskan wilderness reality show, Living Wild. The only reason Stone joined the cast of The Dance Off was because of obligations - all he wants to do is get back to Alaska and ignore his attraction to Gina. Then the tabloids pick up on their burgeoning love, threatening their careers, their chance of winning, and their newfound love.

Get Take the Lead here.

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