Don’t Miss These Short Story Collections By Your Favorite Romance Authors

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Romance short stories you'll absolutely love.

Romance Short Story Collections

If you're reading this, you're probably as big of a fan of romance as I am. I love winding down after a long day by reading one of my favorite authors. However, many of our favorite authors have romance short story collections out too, collection all their shorter workers in one place for us to read.

Personally, I'm a big fan of romance short story collections. Whether I'm too tired to read a full chapter before bed and want to read something ultra short, or just don't feel like getting into an entire book at the moment, short stories can be a huge relief. Readers are able to read a bunch of different stories in a genre they love. How great is that?

For anyone who is a big fan of romance short stories, look no further! We've found a few really great collections for you!

1. A Beverly Jenkins Romance Collection by Beverly Jenkins


Beverly Jenkins is a beloved romanced writer, crafting wonderful Black heroines and heroes you can't help but fall for. A Beverly Jenkins Romance Collection is a collection of five of her previous works from Harlequin's Kimani imprint. The stories include You Sang to Me, Holiday Heat, I'll Be Home for Christmas, Hawaii Magic, and Overtime Love. The stories include a romance between a street crooner and a producer, a masked ball, a romance between a Broadway star and a celebrity chef, and more!

Buy A Beverly Jenkins Romance Collection here.

2. A Novella Collection by Courtney Milan


Courtney Milan is known for her fantastic historical romance novels, and the stories in A Novella Collection is no different! Featuring 324 pages of romance set in the Victorian period, Milan's stories are always worth a read. In this collection, you'll find The Governess Affair, A Kiss for Midwinter, What Happened at Midnight, and The Lady Always Wins. The stories include a governess seeking compensation for an unjust firing, a woman who bristles at the man who knows her dark secret, and more!

Buy A Novella Collection here.

3. Love at First Write by Jae


If you ask any fan of lesbian romance and most of them will tell you've they've read at least one book by Jae, if not more. What's fun about her short story collection, Love at First Write, is that the stories are all connected by a theme. Each story features a heroine who is a writer. Stories include The Romance Bet, Sex Sells, The Snow Liger, and Blind Date at the Booklover's Lair, and include a mystery writer who has a crush on her editor and a blind date at a bookstore!

Get Love at First Write here.

4. Some Like it Hot by Brenda Jackson


Brenda Jackson has released an incredible collection in Some Like it Hot. Jackson's book includes five sexy stories that readers will love. Jackson's story collection encompasses a variety of different characters and plots, including a businesswoman who wants to reconnect with an ex, a freelance writer who interviews an ambitious millionaire, and an encounter between an attorney and a club owner.

Buy Some Like it Hot here.

5. Slices of Life by Georgia Beers


In Georgia Beers' first romance short story collection, she has poses an incredible concept. These slice of life stories cross paths with another character who then gets featured in their own story, giving you a glimpse into their life. Some stories include a stay-at-home crushing on her neighbor, a teacher going on a blind date, a UPS finally gaining the courage to seizing the day, and so much more. The stories are all lovely and heart-warming - definitely must reads!

Get Slices of Life here.

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