7 Romance Phone Games To Play in Your Spare Time

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Create your own story with a romance phone game!

Romance Phone Games

Many people are attached to their phones nowadays, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram whenever they have a few minutes of downtime. There are other fun things you can do when you have a little time to yourself, like play a romance phone game!

Romance books a such a big part of pop culture and a blast to read, so it only makes sense that romance phone games would be fun too! In the games, you get to live it and make your own choices to decide how the romance ends.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at these seven fun romance phone games you'll enjoy playing in your spare time!

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

Download on Android and iPhone.

The Arcana is an otome inspired dating simulation and murder mystery visual novel. You play as a student of magical arts in a game influenced by your the choices you make. There are plenty of love interests for you to choose from and 22 different episodes to play through and a game full of magic, mystery, and romance.


Download on Android and iPhone.

Lovestruck is a fun visual novel game with 11 different series to play through. Lovestruck is inclusive with love interests that are people of color and nonbinary, bisexual, pansexual, and lesbian characters. A few of the current series include a tale about a magical cafe, a game where you get stranded on an island with five sexy strangers, and a story in a speakeasy!

City of Love: Paris

Download on Android and iPhone.

City of Love: Paris is both a mystery and romance game set in Paris in which the choices you make influence the outcome of the story and who you end up with. Your character interviews for a job with Raphael Laurent, the entrepreneur and publisher, though his real intent is yet to be known. Throughout the game, you're able explore landmarks, such as Notre-Dame cathedral, Le Louvre, Montmarte, the quays of the Seine and more all while unraveling a mystery.

Manor Hill

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Download here.

Your character attends the Harvest Festival every year on the manor on the hill. This year, however, is supposed to be a little different. You will get to choose an attractive partner and work your way through a series of enemies and intrigue to save everyone you care about. As your partner, you're able to choose between Gnarl, a professional con who happens to be your best friend, Abeni, a lightheartd Fleet Commander, and Valerian, a gang boss. Together, you will work together to uncover the mystery of Manor Hill.

Choices: Stories You Play

Download on Android and iPhone.

In Choices: Stories You Play, there are a wide variety of different series to play that include inclusive characters. You're able to customize your playable character as you engage in stories that allow you to fall in love, explore mysteries, and explore drama. A few of the series include a rom-com set in San Francisco, a sweet winter tale, a romantic romp involving a dating service, and a tale with vampires!

Moments: Choose Your Story

Download on Android and iPhone.

The choices you make in Moments: Choose Your Story influence the story you create and the ending you get! Not only is the game full of romantic novels, but it's also highly interactive. The game encourages you to follow your heart to get the most satisfying outcome for yourself. A few of the new stories include one where you get to become a legendary pirate captain and another with "a stunning surprise for you, accompanied by a dangerous trap and a terrible plan."

Chan Prin Gaelyka – Romantic Visual Novel

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Download on Android and iPhone.

Chan Prin is a manga-inspired visual novel romance game full of romance, drama, mystery, and humor. In the game, your parents are sovereigns of a kingdom experiencing financial hardships. You are sent to an academy to attend school with the other princes and princesses on your continent. With 10 different male and female romantic interests, you won't bore of this game very quickly! Your playable character is customizable and the decisions you make affect the outcome of the story.

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