8 Romance Novels We'd Love To See On the Big Screen!

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We would love to see more of our favorite romance novels made into movies!

Someone Please Turn These Romance Novels Into Movies Asap!

Each year, many romantic books get adapted into movies, most of which aren't actual romance novels. If more filmmakers didn't overlook romance as a genre, they'd discover a wealth of incredible stories people would clamor to theaters to see.

There are plenty of romance novels we'd love to see made into movies. Between historical romance, urban and paranormal romance, sci fi and fantasy romance, erotic romance , romantic thrillers and mysteries, and more, romance is filled with amazing stories just waiting to be adapted!

For this article, we found eight romance novels we'd love to see hit the big screen as soon as possible! What are some romances you'd like to see made into movies? Let us know on Twitter!

1. 2. The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory


The day before his ex's wedding, Drew Nichols is without a date in Jasmine Guillory's The Wedding Date. There's no way he can show up alone. Then a power outage causes him to get stuck in an elevator with Alexa Monroe, who would be the perfect fake girlfriend for the wedding.

Going to a wedding with a guy she barely knows isn't something Alexa would normally do. However, she immediately likes Drew, so why not go?

They have a blast at the wedding, but afterward, Drew heads back home to Los Angeles where he's a pediatric surgeon, and Alexa goes to Berkeley and back to work as the mayor's chief of staff. However, they soon discover they can't stop thinking of each other.

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2. Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover by Sarah MacLean


The final novel in Sarah MacLean's Rules for Scoundrels series, Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover, would make really fun romance movie. A duke's sister, Lady Georgina is used not living up to everyone's standards for her. Her first season was befouled by a scandal, but her other secret is worse. In London's dark underground, Georgina disguises herself Chase, the founder of London's legendary Fallen Angel.

Duncan West is a self-made newspaper man, and overwhelmingly intrigued by Georgina despite her reputation as a ruined woman. He knows Georgina is much more than she appears to be, somehow connected to the darkest parts of the city, and vows to figure out just what it is.

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3. The Sword Dancer by Jeannie Lin


Jeannie Lin is a much-needed voice in romance. Any of her novels would make great movies, but her Tang Dynasty series is incredible, and I'm particularly fond of The Sword Dancer. In the book, sword dancer Li Feng is a woman alone in the word during a dangerous time. She lives on the edge of the law with just her sword and lightning fast reflexes to protect herself. Her determination to uncover the truth of her past will drive Li Feng to do anything, but it also means avoiding a certain thief-catcher in the process.

Han is a relentless man who believes the world is black and white, and he's as determined to catch Li Feng as she is to avoid him. But once he does finally capture her, he begins to question everything he ever believed about what is right and wrong. Han will be faced with the most difficult decision of his life, having to choose between betraying the woman he's come to love or following her to rebellion.

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4. Letters to Cupid by Miranda MacLeod


A romance movie set in a small Tuscan village between an Italian chocolate maker and an American celebrity chef? Yes, please! That's the premise of Miranda MacLeod's Letters to Cupid! Single mother Valentina's family has been in the chocolate business for generations, but with tourism down, it's been a struggle. After a potentially career-ending scandal, the PR people for the company Andie works for wants her to lie low for awhile and work on her cookbook.

When Valentina and Andie first meet at a Cupid statue in the center of town, sparks fly. As the first and only divorced woman in town, Valentina isn't keen on being known as the only lesbian too despite the fact she's known since she was a teenager. Still, she knows she can't stay away from Andie and the two women fall in love - and advance their careers - in a beautiful love story.

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5. A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole


Have you ever checked your spam mail and found an email from an African prince? Well, that's exactly happens to Naledi Smith in Alyssa Cole's A Princess in Theory. Except this African prince isn't a scammer and is actually a prince and he and Naledi are betrothed!

Too bad Naledi deletes the email. Prince Thabiso decides to track down his future wife, but she doesn't realize who he is, which gives hi the chance to live for once without the weight of his crown. Their chemistry is off the charts, but the truth must eventually come out.

Cole's novel would make a fun movie and it could open the door to all her Reluctant Royals hitting the big screen!

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6. Built to Last by Aurora Rey


In Aurora Rey's Built to Last, Olivia Bennett is the resident expert on Southern women writers and well on her way to tenure at Cornell University. She makes a move from Atlanta to upstate New York, falling for an old farm house. The problem is the house needs a lot of TLC, something she knows nothing about.

A New York native, Joss Bauer grew up working in her family's construction business. She loves getting hired to fix up old houses. When Olivia hires Joss to renovate her house, the two women immediately click. It seems that they both have a lot of personal growth they'll need to go through before they'll get a real shot at love.

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7. It Takes Two to Tumble by Cat Sebastian


In truth, all of Cat Sebastian's historical romances would make great movies, making it really hard for me to choose just one. In the end, It Takes Two to Tumble, the first novel in the Seducing the Sedgwicks series, won out. Ben Sedgwick enjoys his life as a country vicar. It's quiet, predictable, and, best of all, free from turmoil. Not wanting to leave his life, he only reluctantly agrees to care for the three children of a naval captain. However, he's immediately taken with the rambunctious kids. And when their father returns, he's immediately taken with him too.

Phillip is most comfortable on his ship, far from his grief. Too bad his children manage to drive away ever governess and tutor he's ever hired. When he arrives home, he's astounded to see Ben has won over his children. It doesn't take long for Ben to win over Phillip as well.

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8. Bad Penny by Staci Hart


Who doesn't love a good change-of-heart romance movie? I know I do, and an adaptation of Staci Hart's Bad Penny would definitely fulfill that need! After having her heart crushed by her first love in high school, Penny always breaks things off with guys after the third date. It isn't because she isn't a caring person but because she is. She cares too much and isn't keen to have her heart broken again.

When she meets Bodie, she doesn't recognize him as the nerdy, chubby boy she went to high school with. But Bodie definitely recognizes her because he had a massive crush on her and knew she deserved better than that jerk she dated. Now that he's finally got the chance to prove to her she deserves only the best, he won't waste it. Three date rule be damned.

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